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  1. Same here it works with Big Sur, programs, but with non of the sl viewers. I tried them all. I so miss my mouse in sl
  2. Thank you Cassandrelle, I have a Mac and not Windows, and before Catalina and the FS update it all worked fine for over 10 years, it worked just great. Now they are all pointing fingers at each other and nobody seems to really fix this. The device works fine with my other programs, same as with @Korach, so we hope LL will fix this for us using this great controller that gives that extra to your sl life
  3. Thanks, well I hope so. It is not working on any of the viewers out there xo
  4. I tried the Alchemy viewer, it says in joystick config that it can see that I have a 3dmouse connection, but still my mouse doesn't move or go to Flycam.
  5. Hi Korach, I have never been albe to solve it again. It works with other programs but not with firestorm and Mac, or any other program. I also checked the 3d mouse forums but no luck there. Nobody could help with this problem, they all put fingers at each other.
  6. I tried it all and nothing worked so far. Nobody seems to know what is going on. It always worked with firestorm and Mac, never had a problem. Then it got updated to Big Sur, and it stopped communicating with firestorm. I tried all forums but nothing
  7. Hello all my fellow sl ppl, I am using a 3dconnection space mouse wireless, but since I updated my Mac to Big Sur, it doesn't seem to work with Firestorm or the second life viewer anymore. I have used this combo for 11 years and it always worked. I have tried several forums but so far no luck. Nobody seems to know what is going on or why it isn't working. I hope somebody can help me out.
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