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  1. I suggested it over on Jira, but after a while it got closed due to it apparently being beyond Linden Labs' capabilities right now. Hopefully it won't be too long of a wait till something like that is possible.
  2. Not sure if this is exclusively an animation problem, but since I'm unsure of where to put this, I'll put it here. Sorry in advance if it's in the wrong area! I think that at some point, most of us have run into trouble with no rez parcels. Say you're in a lovely park, and you have a rezzable bike or horse or something like that, or maybe you're with a loved one and have a couples walker, but unfortunately there's no way to use any of these and there's no rezzers on the parcel. People have come up with all sorts of clever ways around this, like follow avatar scripts, but those tend to be buggy and out of sync in my experience, not to mention they can look a little strange. The follow avatar hud I have works, but it isn't perfect and I lag behind the target instead of staying firmly in place, and it doesn't affect the animations of the person I'm walking with, so I just sort of float behind them like a haunted doll. 😆 Ideally, I'd love to be able to put a seat in an attachment so other people can sit on it, but as far as I know this is currently impossible. I don't know if there's a way to contact Linden Labs with suggestions, but I feel like sittable attachments are something people have been wanting for a long time, along with flexi mesh. If you have any suggestions or thoughts on this problem, I'd love to hear them! And maybe you want sittable attachments too. I wish there was a way around this problem, but as far as I know options are very limited.
  3. The script works, but unfortunately I need the texture to flash on both sides. Also between the flashes there shouldn't be anything visible at all. The lightning and sound should only play every few seconds with quiet + total transparency inbetween. While the texture shows up, it's on the wrong face, and I'm not sure how to display it on both faces. Another thing that was different about the original script is that it played two random textures for every flash. Your script plays one, which works perfectly fine, but if there's a way to script it as close as possible to the original no mod script, it would be really appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to help in the first place by the way! Your posts on here have been total lifesavers.
  4. I got this cool antenna that randomly flashes between textures every few seconds, but it gives off light and this is a problem for some of my photosensitive friends. Unfortunately the script isn't modify. This is what it looks like in action and this is the stuff inside. Instead of playing a single animated texture, it randomly picks 2 textures from inside and plays them with a buzzing sound every few seconds. Is there a way to script this without having it emit light?
  5. Unfortunately, I have tried the Maitreya butt deformers and found that, while it may work with a very skinny shape, using a chubby/pregnant shape can make the butt even worse since it usually affects the spine too. What starts out as a regular curvy butt turns into a shelf with a broken spine to boot!! 😆 Maybe it's just me, but I wish that adding body fat didn't always result in making the butt bigger too. Realistically, this is how fat distribution usually works in RL, but I like having options. I've tried several demos of mesh bodies, and pretty much all of them seem to have the shelf butt problem or automatically increase the butt size with the body fat slider. The mesh bodies that aren't as bad have extremely minimal clothing support, so it feels like it's not very worth it in the end. I use the Maitreya body for some male avatars too, and sometimes I just want a little body variety without having to go stick thin. I'd probably be better off just getting a body intended for male avis like Jake but I can't stand the abs built into the mesh. I'm honestly not sure what would be the best choice to solve this. I guess maybe we can just hope Maitreya makes a Little Booties addon like with Petite!
  6. That's interesting re: the script you mentioned. Would you mind sharing your process with that a bit more? Also, if I was making Bento animated furniture and objects, would I have to include an alternate animation for classic avatars who might use it, or would that conflict with the mesh head users?
  7. Hi there, I'm considering the idea of making my own mesh head, and I was wondering if there was a way to include a script, HUD, or some other tool that will automatically "translate" animations intended for system avatars onto Bento rigged heads. Maybe it's just me, but I miss being able to take a screenshot and see my avatar smile, among some of the other little nostalgic things from the classic avatar experience that I feel are missing from Bento mesh heads. No offense to mesh head users, I myself have completely switched over to mesh heads, but I like to keep things simple and not have to rely on external animation HUDs for basic facial animations. I've heard that default LL avatars use something called morphs to animate the face, but I don't completely understand what that means. Facial animations for the default avatars were already extremely limited to begin with, so wouldn't it be as simple as finding away to make it so the parameters of the "smile" morph or (whatever particular face area is being targeted) affects the same area on the Bento head?
  8. Hi there, New scripter here. I got a full perm wedding cake from Aleymart on the MP, and I thought it would be great if I could mod it so if the user clicks on it, they can get a menu that lets them change the cake topper to have a bride and a groom, two brides, two grooms, different appearance options, etc. so that it would be a good cheap option for everyone. How would I go about scripting that? Ideally, the various options can be contained within the object so it doesn't take up prims/LI. I would also like it if the appearance could be a submenu and one of the other options is to grab a piece of cake. Additionally, I want to make a popsicle that gets "eaten" progressively with each click by switching out meshes. This will reveal a message on the popsicle stick, and clicking on it again will start the process all over again. How would I script that? I know that two questions at once is probably a lot, but I figured they were similar enough to keep them together. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks so much! I'll give this script a try next time I get a chance.
  10. These doors will be for personal use. They aren't linked to anything yet because I haven't placed them in my build, but ideally I'd want them to be linked as a pair and then linked to the rest of the building and only move outward. Also, I would like to make it so the doors will only open if a person is walking toward the door. I don't know if that's possible with this kind of scripting, but this is what I have so far. These are two separate mesh doors each linked with their own invisible cylindrical hinge prim. When I walk within a few meters of the door (doesn't matter which direction) they will open outward. Since the sensor is based on avatar proximity they don't open at the same time if you approach them perpendicularly. Also, as I said before, they are not linked together and have a scripted hinge prim each, so that means the door open movement and sound plays twice and out of sync. Here is what the script looks like:
  11. I'm extremely new to LSL scripting, so apologies in advance! I have some mesh doors I've been working on scripting and they've been giving me a lot of trouble. I really want to avoid using a touch to open script as a matter of personal preference, so my goal is finding a way to make it so these double doors open when an avatar walks within range. I successfully managed to get an auto open/close script working using an invisible hinge prim linked individually with each door, and that would be fine if it weren't for the fact the doors don't open at the same time. This is a problem because they're cafe doors, and the sound that I scripted it to play is a shop bell, so it plays twice as each door individually opens. Unfortunately, as they're mesh doors I have no idea how to script them to move together and play a sound once since by nature of being mesh they seem to require their own individually linked hinge prims. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks in advance for any help!
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