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  1. contact gemfyre.starlight or LilMissPandora (they are hiring hosts, dancers and DJ's)
  2. I used to GM a Lounge that is currently still hiring, I now GM a new establishment (up and coming) and I am sure that they would be willing to take you on if not I will myself. For applications to the lounge contact gemfyre.starlight or LilMissPandora If you want to work for me, contact me inworld at cloudchaser91
  3. I know someone that is hiring. contact me in world and I will refer you cloudchaser91
  4. I have posted before, but my avi's look is ever changing. Here is a more recent picture
  5. CAT THREAD SAY WHA!!!!!!!!!!! I have in all technicalities 7 cats, just five of them are strays. The two indoor cats I have are pretty cool. (This is Socks, Male and Ready for School...kinda) { {This is Coconuts or Coco, Female, Support Animal, Hand Stealer}
  6. How would you like to be on a sim where their is plenty to do, on top of being a Guitar Center with a Real Life Store, There is the Lounge and a Up and coming Strip Club. Both are in need of individuals whom are dedicated, active and determined to work when their perms permit. ANYONE whom is on staff who needs a home to rez in is offered a home within the staff home community. To See the Lounge at its finest, follow the link below or copy and past into your address bar in SL. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SmartVest/31/21/21 For Applications Need: Hosts and Dance
  7. I am looking for hosts for an up and coming club, we open tuesday. Once I am on again I can message you in world or you can message me. @cloudchaser91
  8. I mean it doesn't have to be a dom/sub thing I mean its just what I am used to unfortunately. I would also love to get to know you! feel free to add me in world at cloudchaser91
  9. Thank You!, I was kind of abandoned by my partners after I paid their land rent, so yeah. Its messed up, I will definately check this place out! I do love social scenes
  10. spyke.frostbite he is looking for a host and dancers, I am more then willing to train if you are interested I am a current host at another venue.
  11. I personally have the nova head from lelutka, but I am not familiar with Legacy. I mean I could always try to help.
  12. spyke.frostbite he is the owner of an up and coming, he is looking for DJ's and hosts. If you are still looking
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