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  1. Hello, im a gamer and use Discord alot for everything i do and in the past i would stream discord on my own personal land to show my friends what im doing or some the things i like to do such as how you can watch movies in SL, stream music etc just so they understood more what its about. However a few updates ago (i assume from discord) i can no longer get audio to work with Second Life, say if im using the in-program web browser on SL to stream it into Discord, only the picture is working without sound but the actual land streams still push through just fine, i was wondering if anyone uses it enough or knows a fix as to why that is happening. pre thanks in advance for any help that can be provided. I should note im using Win 7 still and im not sure if that would make a diff or not but i do know in the past it was working. i dont have my laptop with me atm either otherwise i would test it cuz my laptop is running win 10. thankies! -Becca
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