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  1. Hi! @MelodicRain I would to meet you in world as well! And I'm glad we have a lot in common too
  2. Hi! I too have been having a hard time making friends even to the point where I ended up leaving SL numerous times. And I love videosgames, books, anime, and all things nerdy too!
  3. All kinds of art. I like everything! From painting to pottery. Writing is also an art too, so that should count. I wouldn't say I'm the best artist out there, but I most enjoy looking at works other people create. I used to go to Museums a lot in RL to go to special exhibits & art galleries.
  4. That would be great! I messaged you not long ago. I hope we can meet one day
  5. And I forgot to mention this, but don't be afraid, I don't bite! In RL I'm not much of good talker, but I think I'm starting to get better little by little thanks to my current time here in SL
  6. Nice! Do design clothes in SL? And is it okay for me to IM later? I'd love to talk more
  7. I'm said to be a Gemini. But after hearing some news from NASA about the constellations recently, I'm not too sure. But I always have gone by being a Gemini.
  8. Lol! Do you have any specific kind of art you like? I'm into all kinds of art whether that's a fan made piece someone drew or just painting. I used to go to museums a lot and I'd love exploring some art galleries for hours
  9. Hey all! I'm looking to make some new friends in SL! I've been in and out of Second Life many times before, but one thing I have yet to do here is establish connections as in the past, it felt like people either had their own thing going on, didn't want talk, etc. My Interest Include Anime, watching Wrestling, Video games, art(I don't draw sorry), astronomy and astrology, and also writing (I definitely need some motivation to get me up and writing more). If any any of these things interest you or if you have a similar interest, feel free to reach out via IM or here!
  10. How can you get the maitreya petite version?
  11. What do you mean as icons with out appliers? When you say the skin layers in Maitreya are separate, does that mean there's a way to separate the original body from the maitreya or whatever mesh body you would be using? LOL! Who know's maybe? Maybe he knows someone with that mesh body. Or maybe he is talking from experience without having used Lara body (in reference to my pretty silly question about the difference between "Bom tattoos and mesh body tattoos"? )
  12. Thanks for the clarification on this! Okay. got thanks so much! @Orwar
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