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  1. Sure hit me up in game, I have some houses if you need. No rush whenever 😃
  2. Water Lot 3360 SQM Moderate 1160 Pim! only 3.10 per SQM L$10614! For L$11000.00 A 6 unit rental property building can be included! Great Deal, Do Not Miss Out! Land set for sale to anyone, first come first serve! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bonaventure/101/36/23
  3. Think i am finding my inspiration here, just built something in a sandbox that I liked.
  4. SALE TODAY MARK DOWN L$2700.00 You can IM me in world with offers as well. I will be on most of the night, no reasonable offer refused. Thank You
  5. I have played a Sith Master RP since.. 2008 back on SWG. I had no idea it was in SL this would be outstanding!
  6. Moderate Water region. Water Lot for sale with all objects 1024m for L$2900.00. Includes everything on the property. Great starter home deal, own your own land! Parcel Price set Available to anyone, simply follow the link to the property, drop click the land and select buy! Good luck! See It Here!
  7. Now 3800 W/House! Set to purchasable by anyone! First come first sever!
  8. Sounds fun, I look forward to it. I will do that. Thanks (smile)
  9. Hello, So, hey all. I'm new to SL. Yes late to the game, literally I know. (smile) I am interesting RP and finding a partner F/ Partner. Let me know what you are looking for, we can see if we mesh. I am a non toxic alpha, yes i feel i found a good fit between masculinity and reality. Respecting everyone is the key no matter how different. I am not a pup, so you can expect a knowledgeable experience that has been filled by a life of adventurous living. I do have a home, so we can hang out and you can tell me about all the things i have no damn clue about, or I can tell you the things I do have a clue about. Life's life, second or not. Pets are welcomed, all types of RP. Look forward to hearing from you.
  10. Moderate Water region. Water Lot for sale with all objects 1024m for 3888L on the water. Follow the link and check it out. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Irelore/16/144 Thanks have a great day!
  11. hey there, i bought this house, its saying i cant do much with the house part, i sent back your sign though! Just when you get time i'm on.😃
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