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  1. Hey look it's another gambling addict displaying withdrawal symptoms. Here's an idea, go play a mobile freemium cash grab, connect your wallet, and tap on the shiny stuff. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Nothing interesting to see here.
  2. You do realize the gacha fatpacks are always overpriced right, because they mark it up taking into consideration the gambling chances? How's that remotely a solution? Non-gacha fatpacks of a dress might be 1000L. Gacha fatpack of a dress will likely be 3000L. With that kind of price you might as well just gamble and hope you hit the fatpack before you spend 3000L.
  3. So glad to see the end of this gambling trend. IAP lootboxes already plagued the gaming industry to the point of no return, we don't need this garbage plaguing SL. Thanks LL for actually doing something nice for the customers for a change, even though it was only due to a legal requirement. I'm so sick of finding that awesome looking item on some poster or site, then only to find out it's effing-gacha-only. I'd rather pay 200-300L for the item I want, in the colour I want. Gambling and possibly paying 1000L+ for the actual item I want (when the item pool consists of multiple types of items), in popular colours (usually black, white, red, pink), no effing thanks, get your money from other idiots. People need to realize 90% of gacha items are never used/sold and end up being dead pixels, because let's face it, you'll probably get 20 copies of [insert unpopular item type, and unpopular colour here] before you get one that you want, and most people prefer the popular colours, and 90% of the time the popular colours are ALWAYS the rares.
  4. Managed to get a screenshot: (probably NFSW due to the outfit) https://i.imgur.com/dw2QPQt.png Anyone know where it might be from? Specifically interested in the arms-around-neck pose. The standing pose is probably from some static AO shop.
  5. Unfortunately it's not those two as those ones are meant more for photography, the one I saw was more subtle and work better for standing around, but it's nice to see couples HUDs that isn't the Meike or follow/grab one.
  6. I don't think it's the hug and kiss one as one of the couple's avatar name was floating much higher than normal, indicating their pose elevation was dramatically altered to avoid the collision box.
  7. I saw some people today using some kind of HUD that allows them to hug on the spot with a subtle animated pose. I was wondering if anyone knows where it might be from: It's not the free "Meike Hug/Kiss Animator HUD" that pretty much everyone has It's not any of the "follow/grab" HUDs either as I have them and they're all static poses, however it might work similarly It does not use poseballs They're subtly animated and definitely not static poses I don't have any screenshots since they poofed before I was able to, but some poses I noticed include: One person standing in front and the other with arm loosely around her neck One person standing in front and the other holding her arm
  8. Tried but still same issue. I've tried logging in at least 20 times now.
  9. Is Beta grid having issues atm? I can't log in at all, keeps giving the "despite our best efforts something has gone wrong" error. On status page it says "Update - We are still currently working to restore account syncing to the beta grid, Aditi. Please continue to watch this blog for updates.", but the update was 6 days ago so I assume it was fixed already?
  10. My payment status is "payment info used", when I try to sell lindens it says my sell limit is $0 and "You must have payment info on file to sell L$". What does this mean? Also, what's the most optimal way of turning lindens into $CAD (Canadian dollars)? I'm trying to empty my account balance as I'll be taking a long break from SL. I first have to pay a 3.5% fee to sell on lindex, then another 5% fee from this Tilia to deposit it to Paypal, then another ~3.5% to convert USD to CAD? That's like 12% in transaction fees, kind of ridiculous.
  11. I like how you treat "not buying something" and "buying something but the item didn't deliver" as the same thing. That alone is enough to prove how clueless you are about how important payments and transactions are for ANYTHING, from websites to games, cause you sound like the type of person who thinks a UI bug like misaligned text is about the same priority as a frickin payment server tanking. "Things purchased will eventually be delivered"? Lol. You think 90% of residents in SL read forums on a regular basis and has any idea what's going on with Caspervend? You think most people even know what Caspervend is? If you buy something on Shopify and you didn't get your product, who do you think the average, tech illiterate netizen is gonna blame? The merchant or the backend payment system? Subscribers? Lol. Anyone who shops regularly knows how useless those things are, since the moment you get literally more than 10 notices while offline, they get jammed and won't go through. You think the average person in SL is gonna spend time whenever they log in to check subscriber notice history? "LL has no obligation to inform anyone of anything". First of all re-read my sentence cause you clearly didn't. I said Caspervend should inform LL and request for them to send out a notice. No obligation? Oh sure 1/3 of your economy just went poof this morning, I'm sure LL couldn't care less. In order to have such a massive vendor system working you think Caspervend doesn't have a partnership with some LL staff? Maybe you should actually get familiar with how the average user uses SL before attempting to sound like a smartass.
  12. You do realize literally 90% of store groups nowadays cost $ to join right? And most people don't join them? I'm not going to pay 500L for each of the 50+ stores I visit just to get occasional notices. Since this is a payment incident it should've been elevated to LL for them to send out a gridwide notice, or at least have them put it on the SL status page.
  13. With a MAJOR percentage of sellers in SL using Caspervend you can pretty much consider it as a monopoly/duopoly/whatever. You'd think a company that controls such a major portion of SL's economy would have at least 1 developer + 1 support rep on-call on a weekend, like a normal company? Where's the official statement on why it's not working, and the progress being made (if any) to resolve it? Where's the "sorry something went wrong but we have no idea what, please refrain from making any purchases" statement? I have no idea about how many transactions are done hourly in SL, but I think AT LEAST thousands of buyers are pissed off atm with not receiving their products, and if they didn't know it's a Caspervend issue, they'd be pissed off at the seller instead unintentionally. No matter how much your sugarcoat it, this is absolute poor customer relations on Caspervend's part. Even small time stores with just 1 designer and no staff at least put out a group message or a banner in their store that something is not working.
  14. Culturally appropriate latin alphabet? Lol. You might want to first google what cultural appropriation means. You do realize the reason I type in English is because, oh idk, I know how to write in English and I have an understanding of the words I'm using? Do you see me typing in Greek or German? Also imagine being ignorant enough to think alphabet equals words. You do realize there's no "alphabet" in Kanji/Hanzi? It's not some "pattern" you slap onto a shirt like the Coach logo. It's essentially the equivalent of putting random English words on a shirt and calling it a day. Though if you're fine with wearing a shirt filled with a repeating pattern of "toilet keyboard water pork beans face" then we're clearly not on the same page. Maybe you should develop a basic understanding of basic English concepts like cultural appropriation or other languages first before attempting (and completely failing) to sound like a smartass, cause ignorance and idiocy is all I see from your post. It's quite sad and funny how many people in this thread have no idea what "cultural appropriation" means and thinks something retarded like eating burgers if you're not American = cultural appropriation (imagine thinking McDonald's or "wearing fur" = culture, lmao). Classic western ignorance, not really surprised. Seems like OP opened a can of worms. This forum is better off discussing topics like memes or stereotypes, topics that require less brain cells.
  15. This is the type of crap I'm talking about where people thinks "kanji looks cool", so they literally just google a bunch of kanji, paste them into Photoshop and call it a day, with absolute zero idea what the characters even mean: "Hey look at me I'm so cool and/or exotic wearing shorts with oriental hieroglyphs thingiemajigs on it!" What does it mean? "Who cares?"
  16. If I have a nice chat with someone I meet, I usually add them to my list at the end of the conversation (assuming it lasted at least an hour or so) so I don't have to write down their name, search their profile, and IM them (hoping they're online) if I want to talk to them again. Am I being too hasty? I noticed 90% of people I have a nice chat with, never add me, even after like 5 conversations, not exactly sure why. Are they just shy or don't really care about being friends with me despite having spent like 10 hours chatting with me? I guess different people have different perspectives on what a "friends list" is... to me it's not a "reserved for besties only" list... anyone I acquaint with can go on there cause it's simply convenient to double click on someone to start a chat.
  17. They can pull the exact same dirty move with legacy body cause it uses the exact same stupid server-side asset system. Nothing you buy for legacy, like skins and cosmetics, exists in your inventory, they're all just flags on their servers which are retrieved each and every time you open up their laggy, bulky and pointless hud (the hud itself takes literally 30sec to load every time I attach it cause it needs to make a call to their hamster-powered servers). If their servers ever go down or they just decide to shut down this brand and open up a new one, all your stuff will be gone, period. They're also the only body which doesn't support any kind of customization (e.g. UUID, omega or its own applier kits). Why introduce all of these inconveniences you may wonder? Cause they prefer their system be locked down tighter than a bull's ass, kind of like Apple's iOS but a more pathetic version of it cause we're talking about textures on some 3D model for a game, not an entire operating system for a smartphone. Good luck trying to make your own appliers or tweak anything like materials, won't happen. Let those sink in before you decide to support anti-consumer practices like these. The only people I know who didn't have a problem buying this body were the type of people who can barely tell the difference between a script and a notecard, and probably don't know how to stretch a prim, i.e. people who are blissfully illiterate of how to tweak/building/customize anything in SL and just buy everything out of the box.
  18. All you can set up on that site without paying up is your account and profile, quite literally, which is completely useless. They also prevent you from putting in any URLs, or even any resemblance of a SL username, in your profile (so you know, others can IM you inworld and bypass the site's paywall), which imo is lame and hilarious cause basically you have a list of hundreds of Jane Doe's and John Doe's. To actually chat with someone you also have to pay up. TLDR: useless site.
  19. "Realistic"? Do guys actually like this kind of insanely muscular look? Like he's on 27 different kinds of steroids? Do other women like it as well? As a straight Asian female in RL overly muscular alpha males legit creeps me out. I guess it must be more of a western thing to be attracted to guys who look like they bench press cars on a daily basis.
  20. There's actually a creator selling a bento head without a demo (yes you read that right), that anime/Venus head. The creator's known to be extremely unfriendly/snobby and provides pretty much zero customer service, but since the quality itself is okay he's got a cult following of loyal otakus who'll pretty much buy anything he puts out without a thought. Unfortunately it's virtually the only quality anime head in SL, so I guess he can afford to be a snobby a-hole and provide no demos on his products since anime fanatics (and there are a lot in SL) pretty much have no other choice but to buy his stuff. Since there are like 235729124097 stores in SL selling clothes most creators have no choice but to provide demos or they can just suffer the loss in sales, which is definitely a good thing.
  21. #OutOfTheLoop Is this some new trend to look like ruth?
  22. Three-body Problem by Liu Cixin, cause apparently Netflix is making a show out of it (I have very, very, very low expectations of it, cause some parts of the book are too abstract to "act out" in a movie, and seeing as a western media is making it it'll probably just end up a complete mess like Mulan). I read about 1/3 of the first book but then stopped cause it's a very, very heavy read, but pushed myself to start again. It's definitely an awesome book, but due to the overwhelming amount of exposition it almost feels like reading a textbook. Basically a Dan Brown book except 10x more complex.
  23. By that description then pretty much anyone wearing a pale Asian skin with a kawaii-style shape would be a child avatar to you then.
  24. It's annoying when sellers name their items, usually no-mod so you can't even change it, with non-English words, ironically while typing in English. If you name something like "kimono shiro" (white kimono), if people didn't speak Japanese how in the world would they know what this item is? Is it that hard to name your items in English, especially since you're already typing in English anyways as inventory folders aren't unicode compatible?
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