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  1. Hello, senseart. Thank you for your interest. TEN didn't move. Access to the location was temporarily restricted, but it's open again. Looking forward to see you there.
  2. The Escort Network (TEN) couples a strip club with a networking group reserved for Second Life escorts. The Escort Network (TEN) group is open enrollment. Connect, share advice, and discuss the work of sex in Second Life. Please do not advertise services in this group. The Escort Network (TEN) strip club is currently hiring escorts and strippers. To apply, please read the following requirements, and send an inworld notecard to PerryWilks Resident for an application form. Requirements: - Join group: The Escort Network (TEN) - Human, female, adult avatar and user - Mesh ava
  3. Thank you so much, Elena. I'm sorry for the late response, I'm only seeing the post now. I will contact her.
  4. Hello everyone, could someone please tell me where I can find the necklaces appearing on these posters? The one featured on the two posters: https://imgur.com/B4u0XJO https://imgur.com/bo5y7v5 The one with the pendant: https://imgur.com/jZ6ADaU Thanks in advance.
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