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  1. I am not paranoid at all. I understand that IP addresses are not private. The point is... the security system IS REDZONE with a different name. That is all. I am banned from a good number of sims that I used regularly. It makes me upset that they are allowed so much overreach, it is hard to move on when I visited some of these places daily and loved the atmosphere but I have no choice now. It actually wasn't me that down voted you, I stepped away from the computer for a while to spend some time with family, but thanks for being negative, I will give you a down vote now. Voodoo does learn who all alts are. Ask anyone who has been perma banned, they'll tell you. Read what Gothly posted. She understands the point I'm trying to make. This has less to do with me, since there is nothing I can do to change my situation, and more to do with the similarities between Voodoo and Redzone. Infact, Voodoo security and Redzone are so similar, it wouldn't surprise me if they were the exact same people.
  2. Vodoo Security is identical to Redzone. There is no difference! Help me bring this to LL's attention. Redzone was banned long ago. How is Voodoo security still able to operate? If you use Voodoo security you are banning people who happened to get banned from Voodoo. This includes legitimate players and potential customers/traffic that you will lose out on. They are not always griefers. It is surprisingly easy to be perma banned by voodoo. They accuse legitimate players of cheating and if you make a complaint to them they retaliate with a permanent ban. This will include any avatar who shared an IP with you in the past. If you have friends who have played at your address they will be banned as well. They DO log IP addresses. They have years and years worth of IP logs and will ban any avatar who shares an IP with a banned user, which is unfair because IPs change all the time and are shared often. They will perma ban for any reason and they are allowed to do this. Protest voodoo security if you believe in a fair SL! You are better off banning people from your parcels personally instead of using their system. I have lost access to many sims which I gave regular traffic to and spent money at. Every avatar I had, even friends, and one family member who had played at my address in the past are perma banned. I never broke the rules and only played with one avatar at a time but since I made one complaint I was perma banned. If you believe in reason, you shouldn't support an unprofessional business who make decisions based on pettiness! What's funny is, their own sim doesn't even use the security system. Isn't that saying something in itself? Avoid voodoo altogether if you don't want to be me and lose a lot of money in valuable avatars who are now useless.
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