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  1. yesterday I have abandoned my little master piece of trailer trash heaven, was a fun run living the trailer life, but ready for that oh so appealing 351 prim allowance, have fun and thank you to those who came to see my trailer :'D
  2. little piece of heaven 😉
  3. quick picture from home, as the humidity of the south settles in
  4. SSPE132 Adventure :'D !
  5. Obviously we all are entitled to have opinions, I would simply ask if you wish to share yours here, keep it to the topic, try not to make any personal attacks, thread is not intended to divide, but rather collect common ground ideas for the greater good of this new chapter called Bellisseria. I think in the past Linden Home setup, LL learned a lot of lessons from it, I don't think it was a failed exercise, but I do think lots of opportunities of engagement we're lost, or not explored at all. Many times when I joined SL back in 2012, even tho I was surrounded by houses I felt like I never really met anyone, there was never a place where ppl from the surroundings would gather or be motivated to gather and create new relationships, apart from the atrocity of the Safe Hubs (Pandora box on it's own) Very often I drive, walk, horse ride, boat around Bellisseria, often try to stop by and say hello to random ppl that I come across in my adventures, perhaps we have talked before, the majority of the time ofc I try to reach out without crossing their properly line as some are very sensitive about that topic, regardless, after many many hours of exploring Bellisseria, I've noticed, even tho there are some public spots such as the pickle place, some parks, lodge, fairgrounds, even a dog park, and to be fair ofc I know the entire project isn't done yet, but I couldn't help to notice the old yet familiar absence of social spots that are actually advertised or encouraged to be used by LL, these places of which I mentioned above, because of the lack of events and circumstances to facilitate the using of these locations, they all became deserted. The pickle place, it's super cute, yet do we really need 5 or more of them? no, we don't, I think if one was actually used, actually encouraged to be used, certainly one would've been enough. I spoke with a Linden person while watching Moles working, and I brought this up with him. We have this beautiful new continent, but often it is left to the citizens to sort it out, sounds wonderful on paper, ofc it does, but reality is, citizens are the most limited in this scenario, we can't built, we can't change streams, we can't rez things, makes extremely hard to give a sense of "something different", what do I mean by that? a wonderful Bar/Pub/Bakery per example built inside a Linden Home, it doesn't matter how beautiful the build is, how clever, bottom line is still a Linden Home decorated as something else. Why don't we have places built with the solo purpose for ppl to go hang out? socialize, RP, talk, meet, hook up whatever. Why Bellisseria with this massive amount of sims, would allow anyone feel they need to leave the continent to meet new ppl? there's more than enough ppl living here, why LL allows this? I think letting the community search for basic social encounters outside Bellisseria is a massive mistake and works against the whole point of "community". Owning a spot in Bellisseria and all the fun features that comes with the ownership of a spot, sure is value for the price we pay for the premium membership, but as a long term engagement, it's only so many times one will move homes and decorate and redecorate over and over and over, soon that will get old, and the membership won't be renewed, then what? we're left with the old Linden home estates, the infamous " populated desert ". So here are my questions to you; 1. Do you think Linden Labs are taking any steps to not only have a community visually but also stimulating community mentality in Bellisseria? 2. Do you wish Linden Labs should build places with the solo purpose of hang outs? 3. Would you like to have a bowling alley? a post office? a bar? a club ? a car wash? a restaurant? a sports park? a community center building? would you like to be part and "RP work" (for free ofc) at any of these spots perhaps make a schedule with citizens of Bellisseria doing rounds? 4. Do you think Linden Labs involvement (not Moles) in the aspect of the community such as attending events, getting to know ppl at proposed hanging out spots, could be a valuable tool to further bridge the space and disconnection between "us and them mentality"? 5. Would you like to have a monthly agenda based "Town Hall" meeting event where we all as citizens could help Linden Labs have a real time feedback on what has been working and what can be done to improve the community? 6. Do you wish Bellisseria to have either it's own website or a place in the secondlife.com website for all things Bellisseria? I think this new Linden Labs team do have the right heart, I don't think Bellisseria is a marketing only exercise to grab more memberships, but I also think, they as much as we do, need leadership and help understanding that community is not a gathering of houses and sims, community is the bond we have with each other. Hope to read your thoughts here, and thanks for sharing it. Rachel
  6. Northern camper grounds shot, ofc with a 4x4 gas guzzler American built :'D I am suprised LL didnt instead added "winter cabines" to this area, wouldve been a great fit being it's in the mountains, perhaps even a snow portion of Bellisseria anyways, happy driving everyone ^^
  7. oh mai!!! hope they took pictures !
  8. Hi everyone thank you for the nice words & support ! If any of you would like to see my place inworld, here's the LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Placid/16/23/37 Hope you all enjoy, I had a lot of fun building it, makes me smile everytime, hope will bring a smile to you as well :'D !
  9. The pleasure is all mine Lex, so happy you could come by and we met ❤️
  10. -.- All that stuff you see are my treasures !! :p
  11. Thank you so much ❤️
  12. Hope you enjoy my little corner of treasures :D!
  13. Hi Beth, thank you for checking out my place, it is indeed a very special place with lots of treasures ^^
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