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  1. Each one drops off every 24 hours, so if you abandoned any yesterday, say 3, and then 2 today, the three from yesterday will not become available again until 24 hours after they occurred. You may get 3 more tries later on today. You can either make landmarks to keep track of your abandons and then check the properties of the LM for the date and time or you can check your TP history for the date and time.
  2. This is a very pretty spot, but now with so many available, I guess it's a shot in the dark. 😕
  3. This was mine on an alt for six months and it was extremely hard to give up tonight, but I needed to free up the alt for a log home. I am sorry that I was too lazy to post a photo and a notice here before abandoning. I also wanted to post it in the stairs thread as it has an amazing stairway up the front, but once again, too lazy. *Rolling my eyes at myself.*
  4. If I am remembering correctly, you can also return the border around the plot to the Mole who owns it and the red text will also disappear.
  5. Oh, I was referring to people who talk about checking out the land page from work and having to wait to get home to see where their Bellisseria home is because they are at work. I am not sure what part of the world they live in. I say I am surprised they are able because I am shell shocked from the strict surroundings I had at the previous job and assumed it was that way in most offices. I guess not!
  6. I am surprised so many seem to be able to play GOH from work since a previous job I had watched us like a hawk and had a program that spied on our internet activity. We didn't dare even google anything not work related.
  7. I do use Firestorm and the date and time never showed there for me, but I fixed it with a setting. Thanks!
  8. That is another reason I make the LMs since I used to say "Hey, wasn't I just here or was it next door?" I do A LOT of talking to myself while house hunting. Ha. I forgot about using teleport history. I don't see where to find the time of each landing. Where is that?
  9. I make landmarks of every house I claim as soon as I get there, and if I abandon, I refer to it later to see what time I claimed it (right click on the landmark, then click Properties) if I can't remember when my time out is up. I also use the landmark to try to avoid claiming a house more than once (I map the landmark to see if the house I just had was claimed and if it is, I try to go for the one on the land page.
  10. In chat, he said there are all kinds of hints in this photo including the timing. I see leaves on the trees, so hopefully that means spring and not summer, lol. I also see summery drinks?
  11. When I was reading chat, someone asked about a release and another person said no releases during restarts and then Whitney chimed in and confirmed no releases during restarts but did not say there was no release at all today, so hmmm. 🤷‍♀️
  12. Check the drop down menu to see if Bellisseria is there. In case you didn't know, it's sometimes hidden in the menu.
  13. I was thinking that the mountain landscape is there to separate the traditionals from the Victorians. 🤷‍♀️
  14. I wonder if the resident knows they can rezz other home options on their parcel because their modular/modern home makes no sense. I also noticed a rezzer in the front yard for a camper. Eep.
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