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  1. The Land Store (where you purchase land) is a different page and section than the Linden Home page. The Land Store is still closed. 🙂
  2. When this happened to me, they restarted the region that I abandoned the home from and it took care of the sticky home on the land page. They did this right away from live chat.
  3. I hopped around on an alt I am demoting, and Fools Errand was released. I was the only one there with all the others still Linden owned.
  4. I started singing that song to myself as soon as I saw that I landed one there.
  5. I don't have the heart to AR for something minor but I have no problem ejecting the stragglers right out of there. I was barked at once for that as the person said they were AFK and I should have asked them to leave (how if you were AFK?), so I said to please leave before going AFK then. Skedaddle! It's fun to hear everyone's peeves. 😁
  6. Oh how funny, because I was picturing that this is what was happening, as if you were doing a home walk-through and were checking out the views and to make sure everything is in working order. 😁
  7. I just set it back to the default question mark. I would also put Derrick's photo there if it were available.
  8. Irked here, too. It reminds me of when people have to say "First," in the comments section on YouTube. Also, when there is a new release, I've noticed a couple times that the person before me opens all the doors and windows before leaving, and there was no way they were there long enough to have moved in. Oh, the funny things....
  9. Return the border that you see around the parcel to it's owner (I forget which Mole) and then the red text will disappear. P.S. Sorry, Sylvia. I guess I was responding at the same time as you.
  10. I got one on there days ago and was the only one. I didn't keep it but was surprised, when I checked back a couple days later and still no one else lived there yet.
  11. Yes, not allowed. I take full responsibility. I am just not one to AR others for that. I don't have the heart to. 🤷‍♀️
  12. LOL, yep that was it. It was returned but I took it back out to try the picture again with it as close to the border as possible and RL grabbed me again. I think I give up on that picture now. Ha.
  13. I am burned out with this myself and took a couple day break until someone AR'd me and I got a warning email that made me log in quickly. I encroached a dock off my parcel onto Linden water so I could take a picture of myself on it and then got called away to RL and totally forgot about it. My first AR ever in 13 years. Before this happened, while boating around the various homes, I've seen many docks encroaching but it would never occur to me to AR them. Am I bad Bellisserian citizen for not reporting these?
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