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  1. AND THIS^^ Thank you. I meant to bring this up, too.
  2. Yes, creepy! I originally started my post, "I find it creepy when..." but changed it. I do the same, get out of there quick when abandoning.
  3. I don't love it when the previous dweller stays there to see who got the parcel or when, so I map it first to make sure there are no dots before I go. NOT a fan.
  4. I have myself in a camper and my alt looking for a traditional. I loosened the reigns from stalking releases on the alt and now it's much more fun to me to be surprised at what comes up. I drop in on the land page at random times now instead of hanging on there for long periods. If I am out and about in RL, sitting at a stoplight for instance, I will pull out my phone and refresh the land page, and I have actually gotten a home a couple times that way. I have not settled on anything yet because I am looking for a home that feels right to start decorating for Christmas (there will be no outdoor decor until the appropriate time and I will keep the shades down, too, until after Thanksgiving. lol) Anyway, I know everyone knows what feels right for them, but I am having more fun now that I am just taking it in stride and not studying the regions coming up for release like I used to. 🙄
  5. If no one has helped you yet, you can also message Quartz Mole about that, I believe.
  6. Whitney Linden is in the neighborhood. Manual refresh time. I am not in the search. I was just taking a peek and noticed her, so I thought I would let you all know.
  7. I don't know who it was today, but the last two releases before today, Whitney Linden was present.
  8. Port Laury was released last week, out of order for some reason. 🤷‍♀️ As you said, we'll never know.
  9. Sario was released today, so look for that on the map and then notice the SPE regions below it that have not been named yet. Those will be named and released in coming days and weeks. There are a few named like Lollipop and Pegleg with houseboats and another called Black-something Shoals (I can't remember the name) that should be released this week and next. Releases were said to be on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but for the past couple weeks, they have been every day if I remember correctly.
  10. I had my eye on that one and hoped, but I am so happy for you...it's beautiful there! *Gets my people together for a midnight TPing run." Haha, I kid! Enjoy your lovely home! ❤️ Oops, I meant the home in Sario.
  11. Ohh, okay! I noticed the one in Blackwater has a pickle stand there too. ha! Or do they all?
  12. Is there a difference between these two pickles? The first I assume to mean the whole island from Kahuna up north, etc., and all the way down south, but what does the other pickle mean?
  13. I think you mean Proud Mary. Fuhrbol was released Thursday with only traditionals.
  14. If you have one abandon left within the 24 hours, you would abandon and then not be able to get back on the hunt immediately, if I am thinking correctly. I think you would need to have two abandons left if you were hoping to get in on a release. (?)
  15. You went the extra mile. Some regions were being restarted while I was looking, and I noticed a new Mole in the area (0 days old, and I can't remember his first name), so I wonder if he was naming them while I was there.
  16. Thank you for the extra work. I was too lazy to get the SSPE and number. There's also Blackwater Shoals, but I am not inworld now to see what the SSPE is.
  17. Region names coming up: Proud Mary Hammerhead Light Fuhrbol Allweiss Sario Port Laury Lollipop Blackwater Shoals I think that's it for now. I wonder how they go about naming them (who thinks them up, etc.). I wanna name one!
  18. Your luck is astounding, catching all the various homes!
  19. You don't think others are influenced by the negative comments? Yes, I am ashamed for letting those comments influence me into looking around more when I was fine where I was. And yes, I am definitely embarrassed for those who have to use words such as Beth stated above. If this were real life, there would most surely not be any negative comments about the property in the listing.
  20. Yes, thank you, Sylvia. That is what I meant, the latter. I just decided to wave it off when I realized I was misunderstood.
  21. Uh oh! Now I am enticed to get another premium! 😂
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