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  1. @JordanCarter1 do you have any information pertaining to that club?
  2. Hello Karen, were you able to talk with your friend? thank you!
  3. Thank you i actually am trying to set up a time to audition there
  4. Lucyharrington live singer is looking to book shows in SL. If you are a venue owner and are looking to add Live Singers to your schedule please send me a notecard in world. Thank you
  5. Lake County RP is now open and accepting new maternity patients at their Hospital. I am the Resident Ultrasound Tech working alongside with Dr. Bella Cocaine OB/GYN. We offer a full service of Maternity Care in addition to Women's Health. I specialize in OB/GYN and offering my expertise as an Ultrasound Tech. Please come and visit our growing Sim! We look forward to taking care of the next generation :) https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Niseru/17/120/23?title=Lake%20County&msg=Nestled%20in%20a%20valley%20of%20the%20Mishuba%20Mountain%20Range%20lays%20the%20town%20of%20Lake%20Cou
  6. I will pass this along to him thank you very much
  7. Hello I am posting this on behalf of my Partner and other half Vath.Starspear. He is a Landscaper and he does custom builds/ please contact him for any custom landscaping that you need. Examples of his work are available upon request. Price to be discussed/
  8. Hello this is LucyHarrington and I have applied for the Receptionist Position. Thank you for your time
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