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  1. I have used both SL and Opensim for many years now and it always goes back to the same issues which is a bit like why I have used many Linux Distros but always end up back on Windows. Anyway Land is cheap on Opensim and I run my own simulator server on Osgrid but CONTENT is so limited. Content is fantastic in SL but I cannot afford the land prices? SERVER TECHNOLOGY.. Why do we have VAR (variable) size regions in Opensim and indeed my region is Size X = 768 Size Y = 768 which is 9 regions in size but why is this not available in SL and will it ever be available?
  2. I have had enough of the silly land prices and now run my own Open Simulator region which is a 4x4 Var region on Osgrid. Anyway lots of residents on one region means a lot of active scripts which means lag. I have access to the console and run my own server and you learn so much about how it all works! Tonia Kara
  3. I just have the premium membership to use the premium sandboxes that are very useful. I gave up on the Linden Homes and rented on a private estate!
  4. I gave up waiting and now happy renting a parcel of land on a Full Region on a Private Estate. I can still visit Bellisseria so maybe that is an option if you can afford it.
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