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  1. house in wolfboro . giving it back right now , its one with the very muddy or rocky garden surrounding it
  2. was one in saint Helene now at my limit till later this evening , first time since my loft hunting days lol
  3. one trad went by fast.. just noticed one camper region go off then on again
  4. What I really have decided I want is a camper with the larger prim allowance , that is my dream plot
  5. how can you release one in wellsprings? its all still red text
  6. wearing my laq head trying to wear a tattoo hairbase , no luck , ive the laq relay for BOM , just how does it work , I removed alpha layer ect , red head lol
  7. saw 2 trad houses yesterday , not one camper all weekend , very very quiet
  8. HB I did not take yesterday is still linden home , that's more than 24hours longest ive seen one do that yet
  9. I'm releaseing water front on badger in a few mins on alt too
  10. went back to the boat on Isthill and theres still nothing there
  11. ive been sat here refreshing looking for a camper for 6 hours never saw one yet. only that invisable HB I gave up again
  12. got a HB but left it again , theres really no boat there just empty lot , its in Isthill
  13. land selection limit resets at a certain slt time or 24 hrs after first abandon?
  14. don't notice any new area names , only the chum boathouses
  15. gave up my trad last night so looking for a camper , its so nice the area ,very great work there
  16. letting go of beach house on Pantelleria all sand sea at back door , in a few moments , love it but cant stop thinking my toes are covered in sand lol.................................................and .................................gone .....hope you love it .
  17. i found a fork in the road here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SSPE207/130/130/27 https://gyazo.com/4a3a656ef315b70b02dbca2c21dac284
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