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  1. Then when 8 themes ....or models.. are ready as he said we could say `its patched`. Some impressions for open space houses. I name it the cubus.
  2. Trailers are in my country often used for camping or in rural areas as dog- or goat -house. Or the men throw their old tires into. Seriously, i stumpled upon a creator who makes so nice homes but this weird taxation thing keeps me away to spend any amount here. The shop names Trompe loil..l`oeil by Cory Edo There are some decent a-frame others and a river home, her designs should be taken in count for new premium homes.
  3. Or even such a ssn is only internal used for identification purposes. Otherwise, if someone from the outside of a `providers` country means to file after a year any invoices... that is brash bearing. Kinda weird Another major point is the main difference from u.s. to anywhere taxation is that the first use the global income (for u.s. citizens only!) model as many other countries dont have this. So the liability on u.s. residing companies to foreign clients is not legal or valid for a proof of execution outside the usa. I suggest to move over your headquarters (registered office) to Singapur. It's one of the major banking places in the world and banking secrecy is warranted. Running a business can be tricky, challenging and risky. Or not.
  4. But `us` is not the rest of the planet. More a `yours`then a `us`. lol But immoral is it anyway. This is why such wildwest manners cropped the reputation. Always with the head thru the wall.... Well, its a thing of local lawing how a liquidation has to go but how would you make clients from a.e. China India South Africa Russia or other countries liable for their debts? Thats foolish \edit but thank you to let me know they think about to close it. I dont waste anymore here. end of discussion.
  5. To be honest, clients are not responsible for the financial activism of a company where they use - and probably also pay - their service. If they do so as you quoted, it would be a immoral transaction.
  6. No refunds but the fairness provides to download anything from your inventory. So if a company and their services no longer exist all the things we collected since we joined - and paid for it - is ours. Just like a closedown sale. Abilities from contractors (seller) from a non-existent company can not be extended because as buyer you have been granted the permission to use it at your own discretion. In my opinion i dont see a high 'risk' that much from the created objects will be used later in other systems anymore. The hype and the big interest in second life and similar open sim projects is gone, because the big companies poached them their clients away.
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