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  1. OK that makes sense to me! Thank you! I will go give that a try right now! ❤️
  2. i dont know what alpha fails are. it looks like the old avi whichis something i purchased wont allow me to getrid of it and just work with only the new signature items
  3. it looks like the old shape which is something i bought (im doing an avi for my brother FYI) for some reason cant be removed. Ive clicked this thing six ways from jesus and theres not a detatch, replace, remove not a nothing that lets me get rid of it and work with just the new stuff
  4. ok so since this seems to be the place to ask dumb questions and i seem to be just overflowing with them....heres another one.....what if i just want to start over from ground zero with an avi? What do i do? I mean just a total blank slate....how do i totally get rid of all the crap ive done so far and scrap it all and start fresh with nothing?? cuz it seems thats whats messing everything up! i cant get rid of the old crap so i can use the new crap. The new crap doesnt like the old crap and the old crap wont be gotten rid of so easliy. It seems to take issue with being obsolete and is hanging
  5. i tried to make it easy and got the signature head that matched the signature body. It has an omega that came with it...both the body and the head...and i have hair bases (at least 3 different ones specifically for signature and one specifically for THIS head...the geralt) but cant for anything figure out how to get them to wherever it is they need to be so they work. not a single one of them has worked. im 3 days into this....
  6. well it does but it doesnt.Again its a VERY indepth answer and iam extremely grateful for it! And I have tried to "do the math" so to speak but i guess if you dont get it you just dont get it. I have to tell ppl all the time to plz slow down and feel free to speak to me like im 5...no really its ok....some of us just dont process info as quickly as others do. I'm trying to learn all this "Stuff" but its causing this to not be fun and i thought that was the point of SL...to be fun...not stress. I dont get why this has to be so difficult. Pick a thing...put it on...poblem solved right? But it
  7. Orwar i totally appreciate that you took the time to answer my question! It really was nice of you so plz dont be offended here because thats not my intention AT ALL! Please understand that i did not understand a single word you said to me. I have no clue about any of this stuff. Dont let my SL rez date fool you...i have just recntly touched this game/world/sim thing so what you said as informative as it is just flew past me like a leer jet. Is there any way you could dumb that down to the rate of maybe 5 stupids per second plz?
  8. ok so i have a signature geralt for my brother (yall know...the one that wouldnt shut up...)and i obviously dont have the first clue what im doing here...poor guy has been running around SL looking just a hot mess...and now i cant get a hairbase to stick....im about to use superglue and a hotglue gun...which would be fun for me...for him not so much. I dont get how to do hairbase as tattoo etc etc and ive read all the stuff and its like trying to rebuild a german carburator with japanesse instructions and non metric tools....in otherwords...HELP.....please! ❤️
  9. sorry i should have posted this somewhere else
  10. Joy of JOYS!! IT WORKED!! He is finally silent!! Cancel the fundraiser..guess he gets to live...for now.... Thanks a million ❤️
  11. ....And for my next post...a Linden beg for the SethiBeheomet Silver Bullet fund......for only 50 L$ a day...you can sponsor your very own Silver Bullet....
  12. ah yess! very good idea! it is "The Wolfkin" by Hydrogen Excelsior
  13. yes we did try those things and im afraid it didnt help....but thank you for your suggestions! very appreciated <3
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