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  1. Do you like to roleplay? Are you into the poly lifestyle? I'm looking for women to roleplay the part of being in a poly family. This is strictly for roleplay. Must be able to act with some realism. Must be fun and enjoy doing it. This is for a film part in a short film I am creating about the poly lifestyle. "The story line will be about a man who brings multiple women together to be in a unified family. He will treat his women with honor and respect like no other poly family has ever been created but then to build the climax of the story, conflict will arise and he will have to find a way to fix it or lose the family he created." If this sounds like something you would be interested in role playing please contact OsirisJamel inworld. We are currently putting together a team to start organizing and putting the full script together. Thanks you for your time! OsirisJamel
  2. Hours are flexible and no more than 5 to 10 hours a week all depending on how experienced and fast you work.
  3. you can contact Goals United Productions through OsirisJamel inworld
  4. Goals United Productions is a brand new film production company in SL that plans to take SL film to another level. We will be creating quality films for our clients and the tv world at large. We plan to spread our creativity to as many homes around the world as possible. Using SL as a platform to produce entertaining, inspirational, and educational films and commercials. We are currently... In search of Assistants Participants will start off as volunteers to wave out the non serious applicants. Participants will be working directly with the CEO and Upper Management The job will consist of managing files, communication with recruitment applicants, staff, clients, and suppliers Light website and social media management. This is a team environment so you will have training and assistance with projects. You may work on some task alone however you will never feel alone in your duties as an assistant for Goals United. We are all in this together. After your initial volunteer period of 3 weeks to 1 month, you have the potential to earn up to 5k a month or more. Depending on just how much experience you bring to the table and how much responsibility you take on. And this is just the beginning! We reward great work and loyalty! Contact me inworld at OsirisJamel
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