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  1. Yes a better Avi, but can you say that this would be less taxing on the lag.. the beauty of sl is that you can add to your avi.. clothing, tattoos, facial features that move and hands that move by themselves.. its not just a static avatar in sl. If all of that was added to this it would still be taxing on the pc, and create lag.
  2. This looks like Skyrim or similar.. still not a patch on SL.
  3. I find this quite funny, "barely notice the difference" Being on SL as a passionate photographer realism is the main focus. Whether thats fantasy or realistic photography I wouldnt have that option if the Avatar was a cartoon.
  4. Most people would notice the difference, I come to SL for photography mainly focussing on realism. To avoid so much lag you could click on preferences and reduce the graphics, for example if the choice is on quality the lag is huge, if you reduced it to high or medium SL will run better. You can reduce shadows even or restrict the avatar complexity. All of these choices will make SL run smoother.
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