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  1. It's very nice of you to assume that I didn't try the demo. But even if I didn't, does it mean I don't deserve a proper response? It may have been bad on my part that after trying the demo, I still bought it (thinking, "oh there is an update, maybe the item has already been fixed.") Isn't it a good etiquette for merchants to respond to customer's inquiries? If not, then ignore my post. Have a great day.
  2. screenshots: [Moderator Edit: Images showing identifying information removed] 5 days later.. order summary clip
  3. It was actually more than 24 hours. But i would've been fine with it and went on my merry way if she was decent enough to tell me that it can't be fixed instead of just making me wait for nothing. I guess i would've understood why she didn't respond if i was being rude to her, but I wasn't. Also didn't even ask for a refund or anything But she had time to delete her listing and re-list again.
  4. Hi, Dakota, thank you for the response. I tried clicking the link in my order summary and it always leads me to the main marketplace page. So yes, the item had been removed and re-listed.
  5. So I recently purchased an accessory item in the marketplace and it turned out that it wouldn't work on my avatar. (Disclaimer) It didn't say that it doesn't work on certain types of avatar. So I went to their in-world store to access their re-delivery, (because it said in the description that it has an update) but it didn't have a record of my purchase. So i sent a message to the merchant about my problem with the product and also with the re-delivery record. She sent me the same product and it turned out that the update has nothing to do with the distortions. She then asked me what type of Body I'm using and i responded immediately. I waited for her response. But an hour later still not a word from her even though I saw that she was online. So i decided to just wait after 24 hours thinking "oh maybe she is fixing it" that's why she couldn't respond. But 24 hours later, i still didn't hear anything from her. So i decided to write a 1 star review on the product and the service. I almost forgot about it when i was browsing through the marketplace and saw the thing again with full-five star reviews, and instead of 4 reviewers, there are now 2. And my review is gone! Hmm.. How could that be? By the way, I can show proofs if anyone will ask. So my question is, can merchants now delete their products that has bad reviews and re-list it again and get away with it? And yes, I already flagged the item, although i am doubtful that it will make a difference. As I'm probably the only one flagging it
  6. Thank you Belinda Will send a friend request when i get on.
  7. Thank you, I will send you a request.
  8. Hi, I'm 25 y.o, female and the name is Joi. Despite the sound of my name, I have social anxiety in rl and very very shy and introverted. I only talk to people who talk to me first and this is also reflecting very much of my second life. Initially when I first joined in this lovely virtual world, I told myself that I am going to be the opposite of what I am in real life, but that didn't happen. I spent most of my time in sl hanging out in a place where there are no people in it. Although there are times when I hangout in a crowded place, I find it hard to just IM a random person in fear that I might disturb what he or she is doing and also I have no idea what else to talk about. I don't like asking details about other people's real life so I get stuck after exchanging "Hi and Hello's". I know I sound like a drag. I do get messages sometimes but most of them are about lewd stuff- it's just getting old and annoying... so I'm back to my lonely hangout place. But recently, the owner told me she is going to close the place down. It makes me sad. I love that little place. 😢 I have grown quite attached to it. I don't know, I'm just a little lost in SL. A friend would be nice. Joia
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