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  1. I am a female in SL, and in RL. But I can understand this question as their are individuals out their who don't show their true selves, in which I don't mind at all, but the fact that some lie about it is a bit absurd. Nothing to be ashamed of, just be honest right?
  2. Who knows! I have been on second life for almost a year and just found out about SL blogging! There's a possibility for everything though.
  3. We were all in your shoes before, and I can start off by saying, DONT EXCESSIVELY BUY until you organize your inventory and until you know that you'd commit to playing SL! Literally, it will save you in the long run before you start purchasing items. I organize specifically by Accessories all the way down to shoes. Having these folders will help you tremendously. If you're trying to put the items on your avatar, which you unbox (if you haven't already done so) and accept the items to put in your inventory. Most cases, most items will have you do that, and you'll get a notification in yo
  4. I can understand where you come from, as I am in your same shoes. I've struggled with making new friends as I have done so easily in the past just to be betrayed in the end. It's taken me a very long time to trust people, and I am more open, and willing to put myself out there to make friends again, and i just think that is exactly what you need to do! Like others in the topic have mentioned, travel to destinations, even of your personal preferences (anime, etc) and you will find a community that you will be able to eventually even call home. <3
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