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  1. Like so many others, I got a home completely at random, in the wee hours of the morning. Was having a hard time sleeping so thought I'd give it a try. About an hour later, a Bellisseria traditional home was showing on the page. I fumbled around, but got it. It's in All Hours, which is the perfect place for me to live. About a block from beach. Just wanted to thank you all for keeping me positive, even on days like yesterday when I was going to quit trying.
  2. I am considering the same. I hate getting caught up in a frenzy, and I've let myself do so.
  3. I turned off my refresh several minutes ago. I refreshed once. Timed me out.
  4. I decided not to activate auto refresh. I've manually refreshed twice and it timed me out. 😩
  5. To use auto refresh or not to use auto refresh. That is the question! 👽
  6. Off to RL! Good luck to everyone who is waiting for their new home! TGIF and all that stuff!
  7. I apologize ahead of time for the day I get mine. There will be much rejoicing and irritating text gestures. >.<
  8. Litter boxes. The storm before the rainbow. Bees attacking butterflies. Baby goats .....awww, can't do it.
  9. Was up til almost 4 a.m. this morning hoping to catch a release, finally logged. Every day when I log off, I have every expectation that I'll miss releases while I am offline. >.< Sure enough, I slept in a bit today and BOOOOOM. Ha!!
  10. I hope she hasn't stopped creating hair. She's amazing!
  11. Well, it sure can be frustrating. But it will happen. I've seen lots of people in this forum group announce they've got one. So, I'm optimistic that the same will happen for us, hopefully sooner than later!
  12. Yes, I am in that same club, Alyce. I just keep trying. One of these days...I am gonna fall out of my chair when I finally get one!!
  13. OH, and that would be my luck. Here, take this Linden home in our new "fixer upper" region. LOL
  14. Me too! haa!! It's almost like you're opening a present, only to find it's something you absolutely didn't want. >.<
  15. I've been logged in for more than 2 hours, with refresh at 70 sec as someone suggested. I've yet to see or hear anything.
  16. Question: for those who use an auto refresh, do you designate the name of the popup text in the box? Like Bellisseria?
  17. Scared to add up the amount of time I've spent, sitting on the website, waiting for a new home. I decided a couple of weeks ago that when it happens--and sooner or later it will--it will be worth it.
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