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  1. Like so many others, I got a home completely at random, in the wee hours of the morning. Was having a hard time sleeping so thought I'd give it a try. About an hour later, a Bellisseria traditional home was showing on the page. I fumbled around, but got it. It's in All Hours, which is the perfect place for me to live. About a block from beach. Just wanted to thank you all for keeping me positive, even on days like yesterday when I was going to quit trying.
  2. I am considering the same. I hate getting caught up in a frenzy, and I've let myself do so.
  3. I turned off my refresh several minutes ago. I refreshed once. Timed me out.
  4. I decided not to activate auto refresh. I've manually refreshed twice and it timed me out. 😩
  5. To use auto refresh or not to use auto refresh. That is the question! 👽
  6. Off to RL! Good luck to everyone who is waiting for their new home! TGIF and all that stuff!
  7. I apologize ahead of time for the day I get mine. There will be much rejoicing and irritating text gestures. >.<
  8. Litter boxes. The storm before the rainbow. Bees attacking butterflies. Baby goats .....awww, can't do it.
  9. Was up til almost 4 a.m. this morning hoping to catch a release, finally logged. Every day when I log off, I have every expectation that I'll miss releases while I am offline. >.< Sure enough, I slept in a bit today and BOOOOOM. Ha!!
  10. I hope she hasn't stopped creating hair. She's amazing!
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