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  1. I'm not going to take a 'side' here, I'm one of those people that contribute very little to the health of this platform, I pay my premium, I spend between 0-$80 a month, supporting creators products, sims, and performers in second life, and my tier fees, I will never own a full sim, a club, or be a creator of products, as I have not the skills, or the inclination to work hard and have a job, on a platform which any day Linden labs could pull the plug on and my hard work is effectively lost. The bottom line, as I see it Linden labs have three choices. 1. They can ignore p
  2. So let me get this straight. A person that is not a Creator and only buys linden dollars, and buys content in game, they can ignore this ? If a Creator uses in game currency to pay for estate, tier etc etc they to can also ignore this. ? If a creator wants to convert linden dollars, into hard cash, to help pay for RL living expenses they now have to hand over details, even those out side USA will have to breach their nations law and illegally hand over photo details if they wish to convert lindens to RL currency. ? A. N. other whom might have been gifted linden d
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