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  1. I want to use the methods from second script by calling them from first script. Is it possible? How? Basically i want to use to use another script for other function.
  2. Hello Everyone, I had written a script in which after performing some action it change the clickable action to PAY and after the after completing the object task I want the clickable action back to TOUCH .. but it get change to PAY action easily but not getting back to TOUCH action. Please HELP!!
  3. yes you are right.. but you know new scripter.. so was trying to do that
  4. YES, you are right but how can if i use the setPayPrice, then also i need to right click and pay... but i want the user to pay money when he clicks button on dialog box
  5. Hey everyone, I m working on a dialog box and the dialog box contains a button for L$1 and i want that after clicking on button, the user will pay me money and get his product. I dont want to right click and pay. I want it to happen using the dialog box. Please reply ASAP... thank you
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