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  1. Here is my flickr link: https://www.flickr.com/photos/146701367@N05/ Please feel free to contact me inworld @puneetg30 thank you
  2. Land for rent ... 1180L/week for 1180 prims!!! Lowest deal ever for 3584 m square area. Option to get a house rezzed too! Breeding is allowed!! Commercial purposes allowed too Contact puneetg30 (inworld) for more details
  3. Hey there m interested https://www.flickr.com/photos/146701367@N05/ Here is my Flickr link Thank you
  4. Helllo there... I can do this work for you.. you can contact me inworld - puneetg30
  5. Hey ... I can work for you.. and yes it is a small project. You can contact me inworld - puneetg30
  6. Hey there i would like to collaborate with you as a photographer too.. my inworld contact - puneetg30.. My flickr link https://flickr.com/photos/146701367@N05/
  7. Hey there.. i would like to work over this project for you.. My inworld contact - puneetg30
  8. Hey there.. I would like to collaborate with you for your project.. My inworld contact - puneetg30
  9. Hey yazmyn.. i can do this work for you.. i would like to discuss more about this.. my inworld contact - puneetg30
  10. Hello Scripters, I have been working over a Resizer script with all axis XYZ, X.Y.Z. My script is partially done but I want to make it work for linked prims. I have added the code for linked prim but need someone to modify it and make it working. **** Its very urgent, So please contact me asap inworld - puneetg30 or here to discuss about the script and payment ********* Please ask any questions, if you have regarding this script....
  11. Hey submissa... I have read the requirement but i would like to discuss more about this project.. it seems interesting to me... please im me inworld - puneetg30... And you are also kind to give respect to scripters.. salutes.. i will wait for your kind reply
  12. Hey ecila. It would be better if you im me inworld.. so that we can discuss about it more and more clearly.... My inworld - puneetg30
  13. I looked everywhere but cant find the full perm script
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