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  1. 1 hour ago, Claireschen Hesten said:

    Except they can't really, unless i am familiar with the store abbreviating something to TLB, FD, LG, CHS etc. a distinct style or even just putting a logo that doesn't give any indication of the store name is not helpful

    Fair. We're all different. I suppose it works that way for me, but not for everyone. I've had some years of being able to recognize artists by their art styles so maybe it just clicks that way for me.

  2. 16 minutes ago, Marianne Little said:

    I never heard about The Little Bat. After looking at the MP, it appears to have mostly old stuff. Shoppers today know what TLB stands for?

    But searching with 3 letters is better than two. It actually works to search the Marketplace for TLB. I found the store easy.

    Searching for LG, gave me hundreds of other hits, I was looking through three pages of 96 items and not one correct.

    Lagyo on the other hand, returns the right store.

    The Little Bat was pretty big when I started SL some 6 or so years ago? I still see them pop up from time to time in side events, but not nearly as often(kind of rare actually). TLB was just one that has always stood out to me more than anything else.

    I think these days people associate TLB with "The Little Branch". Rightfully so, they are still active.

  3. Some breedables don't cause much lag at all, and some are monsters.

    I had a similar issue with my stilt. One day when i'd turn in a particular direction my frames would drop from 20-30 to 4-6. Eventually my direct neighbor behind me(in the direction) moved out and I was suddenly able to move again! Those neighbors had 2-3 breedables on their back deck, but I can't say whether or not those were the problem as they were not always moving.

    It got so bad at a point that looking in that direction would completely freeze my game and cause it to crash. That is the only time i've ever experienced lag that bad in my years on SL. My card is a 1080.

    It could very well be a neighbor if it just suddenly started doing it one day. Try and pinpoint the direction. Maybe do a systematic derender of everything you can see in that direction and see if it changes.. then maybe narrow it down. Some people understandably go for really nice looking furniture or dealings, but then it turns out those items have astronomical render cost.

  4. I can pretty much guarantee you that 400 will hardly do anything(I went from 100 to 400 and saw little to no difference).

    SL is very graphics intensive due to it being all user-made content. Not everyone is the best at optimizing their meshes, so this puts a lot of strain on your GPUs and CPUs.

    Would definitely try what Rowan said, as draw distance can make one of the biggest improvements.

    Also make sure you don't have shadows on.. those are beast.

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  5. 6 minutes ago, Laurelrose Anthony said:

    I grabbed a parcel here which had no house.  I was not able to reset the controller so contacted Live Chat.  Rocko Linden came out and took a look.  Despite restarting the region, he needed to pass the ticket onto the Land Team.  

    Guy Linden arrived but had to call in the big gun, Quartz Mole.  Quartz apologized for the inconvenience but he persisted.  I had to log out to RL for a few hours.  When I returned, there was a house on the parcel and a note for me.  It took Guy Linden, Quartz Mole, Abnor Mole and Governer Linden (!!!) to fix it.

    Thank you to our Moles and Lindens for the hard work in all they do for us.  ❤

    (This is me enjoying the view while I waited.)


    Bridge views are seriously the best ❤️

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  6. Being able to see the map has me squealing in joy! It's nice to FINALLY be able to see the map of the new regions next to my Stilt.

    I love my view but once those new houses are occupied i'll probably die. Just turning my camera around to current occupied houses drops my frames to slideshow, and that's at 128m lol

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  7. 8 hours ago, Alexander Huntsman said:

    Does anyone have Information if Belleza is continue or actually dieing? Would be interesting, at the end i liked the Body alot just some Updates would be great.

    Nobody knows, unfortunately. It's still a nice body, and while the BOM is HUD based it can still use it. No one has heard anything from the creator as far as I know, but after so long it may be safe to assume they don't intend on upkeep.

    I still use it on my male alt for my main body. I have Legacy, Aesthetic, and Gianni as well, but I still love the shape of Jake over the others.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Leora Greenwood said:

    /me scratches her head and wonders what the giant blue thing is...

    'Tis but a Stilt(the case that is put over the houses while the area around it is landscaped).

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  9. Just now, Mercedes Avon said:

    I think that view is lovely!

    If it stays that nice(and not blocked by overwaters), they are keeping my money, and I will continue to funnel.

  10. 7 minutes ago, Nika Talaj said:

    Can you give the name of a region nearby, Candy?

    It's just north of Gorgeous Aurelia Beach, west of Red Palms.

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  11. This appeared in the region next to my house today. On the map there is not yet a region there, but clicking the land brings up the usual Linden owned land. I'm sure it'll be shaped eventually, but I was so very caught off guard when I turned my camera and saw it lol.

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  12. 10 minutes ago, Frigga Freidman said:

    Ah, then I apologize. I haven't looked closely at the one Pier house I had. Will try to delete the content of the incorrect post!




    Tbh i'm not sure why they're named like that either, but I guess trying to abbreviate pier might be a little strange? OWP maybe?

  13. 2 minutes ago, TarraMcBain said:

    That one is still listed as protected and not able to be selected

    That's not the one i'm talking about. It is near it, though. I actually wasn't even aware there was a house there lol. Currently the dejected house has been taken for probably the longest it's been since i've been watching.

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