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  1. Now all my accounts are RED again, and I already sent my ID
  2. Hi Chic, My process credit finaly was aproved this morning, I did it on monday 22nd, and went to my paypal this morning, I think I am the first one with this good news, and I didnt sent any voluntary info.
  3. @Emma Krokus, I think that green check is a bug, I related my case here:
  4. @Chic Aeon I put a diferent email and made this alt just for test, did not put ANY billing info, and its COMPLETELY GREEN, or they are approving it by my IP, what I think its really NOT, or its a real bug, well my accounts are GREEN and my cash out still IN PROGRESS lol.
  5. Created an alt right now to make a test and he is also green, maybe they want that people stop to send voluntary info, lol
  6. I noticed right now that my window to send voluntary info before marked with a red X, now is green and say that they have all info to process credit. Ok I sent my documents years ago, but I think its green in every account, because my alt that I use just for test, is also green and I never sent any documents from my alt's account, and everybody that I asked Is green now, even who never sent any ID.
  7. someone have the process credit completed? my still in progress ...
  8. No forms oppened to me, everything looked normal like my previous cashout, I am just scared because it usually went to my paypal in 2 business days, but till now still "in progress", they didnt sent me any Email, and no tickets were oppened, I believe that they are with a large demand of process credit untill august 1st, anyway I will be back to tell you if the money went to my paypal without filling a personal questionary, Thanks for your help guys.
  9. I would like to know if any of you have processed credits this week, I did tuesday 22nd, normally my money was on paypal in 2 business days, but this time still 'in progress', in theory everything would be normal in credit processing before 1 August but in practice it seems like they are holding on until the 1st
  10. I am asking this, because I want to know if anyone of you guys cashed out fine before august 1st, when Tilia will start to assume the payements, anyone cashed out? and in how many days the money went to paypal?
  11. how long it took your last cash out to PayPal, my previous ones took 2 business days, but the last one is on the fifth business day and still in progress
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