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  1. The user agreement does NOT say EVERYONE will NOW need to drop their SSN. It says MAY!!! MAY BE REQUIRED. I think that is if certain things are suspect and so on or inconsistent it is up to the discretion of Tilia. My experience is if you are cashing out to PayPal and PayPal has your SSN it is not asked from Tilia. And PayPal does have a new requirement as of March 2019 to even accept gift payments to PayPal via friends or family you must verify your identification through social security number. If you don't the payment will be frozen and you cannot receive it until.
  2. But But. If you do receive money even from a PayPal transaction from a friend as a gift... If you have not already provided a social security number PayPal as of March 2019 DOES REQUIRE the SSN. So if you try to receive any money via SL credit process or any PayPal transaction it will be frozen in your PayPal account which will ask you for further verification including social security number to receive the money. So my experience is I did have to put the SSN on PayPal and since its on PayPal Tilla themselves have not asked for it with the transaction I did in August. So maybe there is some misunderstanding on the announcement?!
  3. oh I fixed all my issue by setting all my settings back to default under preferences but had to reset all my preferences again. was only way for me. was horrible I was lookin from ground up nothing would stop it. not reboot or esc or any of that or even tp.
  4. I need friends to come play games at my tiny tiki island... Hand and foot, skipoo, greedy, spades whatever LETS GO http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hyles/216/131/24
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