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  1. Hi guys! Thanks so much for all the responses. I think I might just drop the xo's and go by MollyKat when I finally get around to changing it. Thanks again!
  2. Hi there! I joined SL on April 22nd and I still haven't chosen a name (I'm currently going by my username). I know some people go by their real life first name with a made up last name (I'm thinking of doing this option), or even by completely made up names. I've seen a lot of unique names while inworld and I was wondering: how did you guys choose your SL names?
  3. I bought the lowest amount that would qualify and was able to create a store! Thanks so much for all the help!
  4. Ah, okay. I was trying to avoid making any purchases with real life money but I guess if that's the only way to do it I'll do like the smallest amount available.
  5. I haven't purchased any L$. I've made a marketplace purchase using L$ though. Do I need to purchase some L$ for it to qualify?
  6. Should I have money in my PayPal for the $1 out, $1 in thing to happen? I usually transfer any money I get in my PayPal to my bank account almost immediately so that might have something to do with it maybe? Do you mean is my PayPal linked to me bank account? It is and has been since I opened my bank account.
  7. Okay there were two options when linking my PayPal: to my bank or to my debit card. I changed it from debit to bank. Now do I have to buy something from the marketplace again or what happens now? Is it okay that I don't have any money on my PayPal (I have money in my bank account)?
  8. I have my PayPal linked to my account though I think it's linked to my debit card instead of my bank. I also transfer my PayPal money to my bank account just about as soon as I have anything there. Could that be the issue I'm having?
  9. Here's a little background: I'm currently working on some things that I want to put on the marketplace to have some L$ coming in while looking for an inworld job. I thought in the meantime I'd create a marketplace store so I could secure a name and all that jazz. Only problem is it's not letting me make one. Every time I try, I get this: I've already bought something off the marketplace for L$10 so I don't know why it's saying I still need to do that. And yes, I make sure I check the 'I agree to the Second Life...' box with every attempt. Can anyone help me figure this out? Thanks s
  10. Update: I wound up restarting the whole bookcase over again today. I decided to try it with cubes this time instead of planes. Now my main issue is making sure all the pieces are aligned so I don't get anymore shadows. The reason I think I'm getting the shadows is since the outer shelves aren't the same length as the ones that make up the outer shelves for the cabinet so I had to use separate pieces. I tried extruding the tall outer pieces and then resizing and moving them down on the original one I made but that just cause more problems. Is there a way to change the Blender setting so when I'
  11. I did some more fiddling and I think I got all the unnecessary bits. I also made separate textures for the bookcase and for the knobs. Now I'm getting to the UV mapping point. I just used 'Smart UV' on this one because 'Unwrap' made the mapping look really weird. Does this look normal for what I'm making? I think I'm actually watching (and working from) your tutorial series on youtube lol *Note: the stuff in the upper right corner is the knobs that I moved and sized so you could actually see them cause they were super small before.
  12. Okay. So, I fiddled with it and the shadows are gone. Only thing now is that in edit mode it looks like this (see pics). In object mode it looks fine. No shadows, no weird patches, etc. Is that okay or should I try to fix it? I was just gonna have it be a white bookcase with some kind of metal texture for the knobs but is it going to cause trouble when I go to UV map it?
  13. Hi all! So I'm making a bookcase in Blender to later upload to the Marketplace but I keep getting this weird shadow in object mode. When I go into edit mode the side the shadow's on looks weird while the other side looks the way I want it to. Will this be an issue when I go to bring it into SL or is it just a shadow that Blender is making? Thanks! *I uploaded photos for better understanding.
  14. Hi there! I'm trying to buy a hair and an outfit on Social Island using my tutorial L$ but every time I hit 'buy' I get a message that says 'Equipment malfunction. Please try again later.' I tried quitting and relaunching and re-teleporting into Social Island but that didn't work. Anyone know any fixes or should I just try again tomorrow? Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the recommendations! I joined the Builders Brewery and am slowly making my way through the tutorial you linked. The only question that comes to mind right now is: Can you just start building things anywhere building is allowed? I don't have any land or real estate (I think I have L$35 to my name lol) and I'm not sure where to build in the Builders Brewery Sandbox.
  16. Hi there! So, just as the title says I'm looking for tutorials and/or videos on how to create objects. I have very basic Blender skills (like, the most basic of the basic) but after making the initial objects (all deco atm) I have no idea where to go from there (because what is UV mapping and how do texturing?). I did, like, one object when I played The Sims 3 but I don't think it's the same process for Second Life. Any recommendations would be appreciated! Thanks so much! PS. I've only been using Second Life for 3 days so I'm still completely new to everything except the basics of walkin
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