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  1. I realized that to me, it's a matter of distance between your cam and avie. If I cam my boat from far > I have the bug you describe 2/3 borders. If I let my cam close to the boat / avatar (or even better in mouselook) > flawless.
  2. Seems something changed. And oh, not my computer nor connection. Since 2 days I simply can't reproduce a disconnect, nor an unsit, even went through sim CROSSES flawlessly ! :))) *fingers crossed*
  3. Note : on the pic on minimap, some region is showing red. Happens almost everytime I crash now. That was not happening before the 'fix'. Note 2 : I have now that bug where you can't see the opposite sim at a given cross. Dunno if I say it well please excuse my poor english.
  4. As a replacement of the previous crashes, yes it's new. but yes, xDDDDDDDDDDDD true, not 'so' new.
  5. Seems that's exactly what they did. Ok true I won't disconnect anymore, but instead the boat will just unsit me, exactly like this : Unfortunately Fluf is right they now claim the issue is addressed... I can't even imagine racing anymore in those horrible conditions... And who knows how long it will now take for them to admit the new issues ? 2 months ? 3 ? and 1 another to fix it ? "if" only they can someday ?
  6. Something I noticed while boating (sitting on vehicle). "Some" sim crossings, my boat (Breezy 9'er by Studio Dora) will ask me if I want to allow it to take controls (llRequestPermissions). It does not happen when 1st sitting, only at some crossings, and randomly..seems. Wether I answer yes, or leave the popup vanish, the boat will still behave normally. I will not crash anytime it happens. BUT everytime I crash, it happens. In the case I am crashing, the llRequestPermissions popup will pop repeatedly until the gray screen of death. Might be useful.. or not Cheers!
  7. Happily tried to sail this morning after I read the "half good news"...
  8. And may we know when the fabulous team will FINALLY DO SOMETHING ?? More than a week since the announcement... More than 3 weeks crashing hard everyday... Maybe time to hire a REAL engineer ?
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