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  1. Do ppl just not know they shouldn't make these kinds of thing? I'd never thought before I started reading this forum that I should even check numbers before purchase. Is it ignorance or apathy?
  2. I just spent an hour reading thru this post entirely. As a person new to mesh at first it put me off ever asking a question in the forum. I thought my noob questions will just get me scoffed at. But I'm thirsty for knowledge so I continued to read thru everything. I have recently begun the task of learning how to build mesh and import into SL. My quest began with a simple request from my partner to make him a shirt from scratch. I love a challenge so thought I would attempt it. That was a month ago. I can say as someone completely new to mesh that the information on the net is scattered, fractured, sometimes misleading but always overwhelming. I got more questions to research about the topic from this post than I uncovered in a month of scouring the internet blindly. So I want to say thank you for this thread. Thank you for sharing your insights and knowledge. Thank you all for the time you put in to educating people like me who just want to learn to do something and do it correctly. We ARE out here, the hungry ones. The new ones. The ones who want to learn to do this the right way. The ones willing to put in the time and effort. So please dont stop teaching us. We need to learn from you all.
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