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  1. Pretty much this, I don't get it I only own slink hg and mait, and as much as i love slink's shape i just stick with mait because of the clothing options available by rendering, is that an issue that could be fixed by the creators updating the current bodies or is it more complicated than that? i don't use sl too much, i kinda just come and go in waves
  2. Maybe I'm just a noob but I don't get why there's need for so many bodies...most everything is made for maitreya anyways.
  3. usually by buying a tv ^^ i have one, i can show you how it works sometime if youre curious before buying
  4. Oh well usually I find just making friends and hanging out together 🙂 you can even watch anime with friends on tv in-game ♥
  5. Omg just the level of messed up I'm looking for. Thank you!!! Will do!!
  6. there are numerous anime groups but sadly a lot of them are filled with creepy people :c the clubs come and go but theyre all hentai orientated ^^
  7. If it's an issue for you now it's gonna continue to be an issue. Fact she said she doesn't wanna talk about it isn't a good sign imo. Your call, but with how fast things moved anyways I'm not so shocked.
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