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  1. Probably a dumb question, but I was wondering if it was generally acceptable to roleplay with other avatar types. For example, my favourite avatars are super anime, but all of the best RP places have normal/realistic appearances. At a few I saw "no anime allowed" and I wasn't sure if it was just because those particular sims had adult themes (which I'm not interested in right now) or any just weren't welcomed. Usually I can come up with pretty good excuses to make things work in RP, and for the case of playing an anime-looking character in a group of realistic looking ones, I was just going to make my character a sort of android because I can get away with it or something. I really wanna roleplay ;__; I just don't want to make a normie avatar. I have one but I just don't have as much fun with it. Example of what I mean;
  2. Hey there! So, while I know how to make textures on my own, I'm not really happy with what I've created. I intend on practicing with time, but in the meantime I wanted to support and pay someone who might be looking for work ^.^ It's actually very simple, as far as the pattern goes, I just don't like shading too much. But an un-shaded skin texture just looks a bit off and pasty. What I am looking for is a texture for the head, body, and ears (I already own the parts I want, so I can send whatever texture files you'd need). If you're interested, please IM me in-world with my username, Nyahrou. In return I can offer $L (let me know what you'd charge) or if you aren't interested in that, I can offer my artwork as a trade (I do art/furry art). For some information, the skin I'm looking for is a pink and white cow. There's already some on the marketplace but don't use the parts I want/doesn't "look right". Thank you ! ^.^
  3. What about doing commissions? Sell custom artwork (for much more than 50 to 100L) and sell it as a texture and they can put it on whatever frame or thing they want? I have a feeling you'd make more with custom art vs. work you've already done, you know?
  4. Sadly I don't at this time. I took a long break from SL for a couple of months, but Sakura Falls was a nice sim with some actual roleplay. If it's still around, you can give that a shot. If you can't find anything, and wouldn't mind some 1x1 roleplay (just SFW though pls) you can IM me inworld and we can plot some rp? o: I have a few characters in mind and also primarily use anime avis.
  5. Hey there! I just got my own land a few days ago and I'm loving it. Big noob here though but Im trying my best, and it's lots of fun! Problem is, I can't get my parcel windlight to prop up the notification override... I read the article and put this in my description as it instructed, /*Windlight Sky: "pinkpurple" Water: "[NB] Sparkling Depths"RegionOverride*/ But still, no luck. I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong and how I could manage to fix this? I was planning on making a sign to say "Hey switch your WL to this for best viewing", but still, I wish I could get the popup to work to at least ask - thanks so much!
  6. Very nice thread. Honestly, some people think I'm a man because of how sexy and cute my avatar is. But the truth is I'm just a bisexual girl and I can really appreciate a beautiful girl with big *****, you know? But everyone assumes I'm DTF and will flirt with me in my IMs (I usually ignore them, just don't respond at all. I don't care enough tbh haha). But, I don't know. A lot of men still think that girls dress up for them (and some do, and that's totally fine if that's what you wanna do) but many women just wanna be sexy for ourselves. It's a powerful thing to be able to just look and dress how you want. ❤️
  7. Omg! Another pony friend! We should take a picture together sometime ^-^
  8. You're such a sweetie!! Thank you so very much ; A ; I will pay more attention to choosing the better windlights for my surroundings~ Omg I didn't even consider this!!! I've been too busy trying to copy everyone else that I didn't even try to change up my M.O. Thank you so so much! I'll try to find places that better suit anime avatars ^^ Ahh, I see! Yeah I'm super obsessed with pastels so like... shadows? What are those? I'm kidding, haha - and yes! Good poses, and cheap ones can go a long way you're absolutely correct. Thank you very much! Hey, thank you so much for giving me specific examples and your feedback on them! It's nice to hear from someone else wh is learning, too! Thank youuuu ^^ Thanks to everyone who replied. I'm going to keep all of yur comments in mind for future photos. Y'all made me really happy and I truly appreciate it!
  9. Hey there! So recently I discovered that I could ACTUALLY update my graphics card (I'm...dumb an d not a computer person, LOL, sorry) and so I can run SL on Ultra in Firestorm, and Ultra in Black Dragon (BD is slow as hell but if I just log on, take a pic, and get out, it's manageable). I want to really get better at taking pictures of people. So far I've just been practicing on myself until I get a good understanding. Still, with better graphics, I feel like my pics are a bit boring, or 'flat', if that makes sense. So I'm looking for genuine constructive criticism to help me improve! Here's the link to my Flickr. Also, if youy check it out, can you let me know what you think some of my "best" pics are, so far and why you think that? That way I can try to work around those because I honestly have no idea what looks good LOL. I know for a fact I need to learn how to use the depth of field better (having some issues) but anything else that'd help me I'd really appreciate. I want to be able to take pictures of people someday because there are so many opportunities in SL with pretty people, and pretty locations! Thank you!
  10. Hi there! Just a legitimate question... So, I really want to learn how to dance. I know there's videos on YouTube (I actually have a particular style I want to learn specifically, and found the perfect tuber who does tutorials) but I was wondering, does SL have any way for fullbody tracking to become possible? I say this because I've seen videos of people in VRchat using the tracking to dance in real life, making their avatar copy their movements and dance, also. I wanted to try this, but with SL... I think it would be very cool for me to practice, learn, and get comfortable with people watching. Some of you might think, "Why not just do this in VRchat then? Why do you need SL to do this at all?" Well, for one, VRchat isn't the best community, and I don't like it as much. To answer the second question, I don't neeeeeed SL in order to teach myself how to dance, I just think that it would make the learning process more fun for me. Plus I'd actually have a reason to go out and dance, like putting on shows for people in-world and such, or perhaps learning from another player - like dance classes here could have so much potential, I think. But yeah, that's pretty much it! Thank you in advance to anyone who's able to give their input (:
  11. I managed to make a non-anime avatar and something normal :,) Still need to individualize it more since I feel like she's still too basic, but off to a good start.
  12. Hi there! For roleplay purposes, I was wondering if there was a type of journal or diary item where I can write in (only I can write), and leave it in my character's room. Ideally, the format wouldn't be *awful* (honestly, it'd be amazing if it worked like the books in Skyrim), but anyone can read it. Just a way for me to document my SL adventures in an open space. I thought about making an external blog but then I thought, well, it carries over a bit to my IRL time you know? And I want this to be exclusively for roleplay and, anyone who stopped by my room to be able to read it if they wanted. Does such an item exist? Thank you!
  13. Usually a poorly constructed roleplay from some random that YOU CAN TELL just wants to bump pixels. A for effort, but no thanks. There was one time this "fake dom" insulted me in DMs (but tried to make it in a way that would supposedly '''turn me on''') I guess, which didn't work. I'm like...y'know, you can't just approach someone like that. I hate fakedoms LOL. That's now how the bond is supposed to work you gotta earn that trust, earn that respect. Also, I was at a beach just minding my own business. What a weirdo.
  14. Yeah! When I wait for my friends to go on. I like to shop alone, bc even in real life I often feel weird shopping with others. I like to take my time and with others I typically feel rushed I do a good 50 percent of my time playing alone, and the other 50 percent with friends. Good balance!
  15. i got a new head! i think i look way better!
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