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  1. Hi there! Just a legitimate question... So, I really want to learn how to dance. I know there's videos on YouTube (I actually have a particular style I want to learn specifically, and found the perfect tuber who does tutorials) but I was wondering, does SL have any way for fullbody tracking to become possible? I say this because I've seen videos of people in VRchat using the tracking to dance in real life, making their avatar copy their movements and dance, also. I wanted to try this, but with SL... I think it would be very cool for me to practice, learn, and get comfortable with people watching. Some of you might think, "Why not just do this in VRchat then? Why do you need SL to do this at all?" Well, for one, VRchat isn't the best community, and I don't like it as much. To answer the second question, I don't neeeeeed SL in order to teach myself how to dance, I just think that it would make the learning process more fun for me. Plus I'd actually have a reason to go out and dance, like putting on shows for people in-world and such, or perhaps learning from another player - like dance classes here could have so much potential, I think. But yeah, that's pretty much it! Thank you in advance to anyone who's able to give their input (:
  2. I managed to make a non-anime avatar and something normal :,) Still need to individualize it more since I feel like she's still too basic, but off to a good start.
  3. Hi there! For roleplay purposes, I was wondering if there was a type of journal or diary item where I can write in (only I can write), and leave it in my character's room. Ideally, the format wouldn't be *awful* (honestly, it'd be amazing if it worked like the books in Skyrim), but anyone can read it. Just a way for me to document my SL adventures in an open space. I thought about making an external blog but then I thought, well, it carries over a bit to my IRL time you know? And I want this to be exclusively for roleplay and, anyone who stopped by my room to be able to read it if they wanted. Does such an item exist? Thank you!
  4. Usually a poorly constructed roleplay from some random that YOU CAN TELL just wants to bump pixels. A for effort, but no thanks. There was one time this "fake dom" insulted me in DMs (but tried to make it in a way that would supposedly '''turn me on''') I guess, which didn't work. I'm like...y'know, you can't just approach someone like that. I hate fakedoms LOL. That's now how the bond is supposed to work you gotta earn that trust, earn that respect. Also, I was at a beach just minding my own business. What a weirdo.
  5. Yeah! When I wait for my friends to go on. I like to shop alone, bc even in real life I often feel weird shopping with others. I like to take my time and with others I typically feel rushed I do a good 50 percent of my time playing alone, and the other 50 percent with friends. Good balance!
  6. i got a new head! i think i look way better!
  7. Basically it's just clothing I'd wear IRL. My clothing choices are always youthful, pink and bubbly. Really into 80s fashions as well. I don't really go out anywhere, just work, home, and my boyfriend's house. When you go out for fun...you waste money, and I'm saving by staying in. So I don't get to dress up much. My SL wardrobe is just a reflection of clowns I already own (similar & not exact, obvs.)
  8. Not me, but I had to say your PFP is wicked adorable omggggg. I really wanted to make a dog avi myself!
  9. LOL yep you're so right! I remember doing the "cheat" to invite the entire town over to a household. If they wouldn't go to the wedding I invited to, then I'd just have to forcefully bring them there myself.
  10. Not sure, but the other night I had my first SL-related dream; I went to my SL apartment and there were 50 people in there for some reason. I wanted them out of my apartment, but they wouldn't budge! Woke up very confused.
  11. omg i cant!!! this is one of my most favourite outfits ive seen in this thread so far. lovely!
  12. decided to make my look a bit darker !! shes an oversized doll now
  13. i thought this looked pretty on its own, so i didnt bother editing it!
  14. No, it's a gacha. I'm looking for the specific rare item on there; nobody has it, just the headset pieces Thank you, though but I checked already sadly
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