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  1. Ok I will contact ISP. But since SecondLife is running well until the crash occurs, is it really possible that it is a connection problem? And how can I by teleporting "save" me from crashing out and proceed with SL if it is a connection problem. My feeling is that it might be a windows update problem or something in my inventory. The problem have also been very small for a long time but accelerated severely last weeks. Here is my TRACERT, by the way. I excluded step 7 to 30 since they where all similar to 5 and 6 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 <1 ms 1 ms <1 ms 3 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms 4 14 ms 12 ms 12 ms 5 * * * Request timed out. 6 * * * Request timed out.
  2. Whirly - I need to ask you, since this is now a support issue at Firestorm, do you want me to keep reporting what I find out here, or to the issue or both? For now I will put another small observation here, but I can copy it into the support issue if you like. When TP to "save" my precense in SL, I can, unless I have waited too long before trying the TP and get logged out directly, TP to other places. From that place, if I try to TP back to where I experienced the crash, I mostly get stuck in TP and logged out. i CAN sometomes - only sometimes -make a TP directly to the place where I am, but mostly it will logg me out with the text "You have been disconnected..." And first attempt to log in again moslty result in "The region is logging you out, please try again in ...." I have excluded anyting I wear, body, AO etc from causing the problem. I have no idea if there is a possibility to find out if anything in inventory causes these problems. Cache is not the cause, for sure. I add a screen dump on the one of the 3-4 crashes I have had just while writing this message.
  3. Hi Whirly! No I have never seen that message. I can TP within the region to "restore" my connection and avoid a total crash, when I notice the first signs of a coming crash. But TP witrhin a region is often locking up, so I prefer to TP outside the region and return again within a minute or so. I mostly get the common "Region might have experienced trouble"-message when letting me being kicked out fully. And - this I do not think I have told before - these crashes started long time ago, but from the beginning I only experienced them very rarely, and only at FogBound Blues. Last months they have accelerated in numbers, ending up in the present situation where I crash everytime and everywhere in SL - even my home. Freinds I tell these problems to, often says that they experience the same behaviour when crashing, but I have heard of noone that chrasing this often. And i will ask the next one if they can try to save the crashes by making a TP. It will be interesting to find out.
  4. Thank you Natales Packet loss is 0% and ping is 190 - 220. I think that is good. Temperatures are fine - I have an almost brand new huge fan after having heat problems. I will check memory as soon as I can. I have 16 gb memory in my PC (intel i5) and ....sufficient on my laptop (i7) I do not understand TRACERT, but running it get time out before i get out of Swedish routers. Now; I CAN run SL as long as it not crashing and by TP I can prolong the session between crashes. Managed today to be in SL over half an hour before logging out - thanks to frequent TPs of course, which not making my SL experience very nice, but I can at least chat. So there is contact obviously. I think that I wouldl have the same problem on wifi but wifi is ok. Wifi okl, ethernet over the same router not ok, point to my equipment for the problem, but the fact that I can avoid the crashes by making a TP when I notice a crash is immedient, makes me think its on the SL side anyhow. I appreciate all hints and helps like this. Thank you again
  5. Ok I have filed a bug report to Firestorm. But I discovered that when FS is starting the crash procedure, when I cannot see myself walk anymore, if I then TP somewhere, I am unlocked again and do not get thrown out from SL. I have only tried this a few time so far, but it seems like it works. It is definitely a workaround but I think it limits the problem to Firestorm at least.
  6. No it is different cables. The strange part to me is that other can still see me walk when I try to walk, but I cannot. I have not done any changes to the firewalls, and in the router I have no idea what to look for. SL works for 2-10 minutes before crashing so the firewalls DOES let it through. But on the other hand, thats the common point for my PC and laptop. But now I am certain that it crashes while on the routers ethernet and does NOT crashes when on the routers wifi. I dont have wifi on my PC. But the laptop (the SL session) crashes while on eternet and not when on wifi. And I have to emphasize that I am very thankful for you guys trying to help me.
  7. Ok and now I got help to find out that when the crash starts, I cannot move or send IM, but others see me move, still, and get my IM. I do not get replies either. It is soo weired.
  8. I have also unistalled Firestorm completely again, downloaded an older version and installed it on another drive at my computer, but it still crashes the same. So the problem is at least pinpointed down to the ethernet part of my home network. Does anyone have any idea what I can try now?
  9. Yes i have unplugged both of them. And changed DNS. Same problems appeared. I did discover however that SL crashed the same way when using my laptop connected to SL via ethernet at home. But not when connected to the home wifi. My PC do not have wifi so I do have to use ethernet here. I cannot use laptop at home.
  10. Hi Whirly and thank you for answer. I power off every time I leave the computer. I have reinstalled the viewer fully accoring to their instructions of clean remove/reinstallation. That did not help. I have also tried a tamporary alt ID and the problem persisted.
  11. REcetnly my Firestorm has been crashing more and more frequently. Last days more than once every fifth minute. This forced me to make a totall uninstall - cleaned everyting - and install the new Firestorm Beta. But this behaves exactly the same. I have Windows 10 Home edition. I have set all graphics to low, my cache to max, it still crashes badly. I cant no longer do anything in SL. Does anyone have an idea what is happening? I am now practiacally unable to run SL and it is very sad. The crashes are weired. Parts of SL is first stopping. I notice it is about to chrash when I cannot open profiles, I can rotate my avatar, but not move in any direction. No IM is reaching me and I am probably not able to send IMs either, despite it is looking like that. After some minutes the screen goes grey and a pop up tells me it has crashed.
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