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  1. Thank you Natales. I have noticed an improvement, but TP is actually the tool to NOT get disconnected for me. Well anyhow bot TPs as my problem of getting disconnected while on ethernet is better now, alas not totally good, but sometimes I can stay in SL for 20-30 minutes, if not more. I am very happy for that. If it is an SL, a Firestorm, a Windows or a Netgear-update that made it better, i have no clue of - I really whish I had. About deals with the stores, it might be an idea to try but we dont always have the same routines in Sweden as you have over there. But its a good idea, thankies!
  2. Thank you Rolig. Maybe I should but it is a huge cost for me. I want to be assured the error is not returning if I change. And my Netgear does work excellent in all other applications I run. And I think they will - or have - fixed porblems like those you mension by now.
  3. OK update: Router and windows have updates, and some of them seems to have made SL last longer before it disconnects me. Another thing pointing at the router is that I have finally borrowed another router - alas only reaching half the speed I have on my internet - and it seems to work without logging me out. I have a Netgear R6220. Does anyone have an idea of any setting in the router that coudl affect this problem? And Linda Kidd I misunderstood you a bit. I was talking about resetting my router. THe WDM is not my best thing, I do not really know what to look for there.
  4. Thank you Linda. I have gone through it several times and reset it completely at least two times during this problem and nothing have helped. If i knew more speciofically what I should look for, But what confuses me is that it is only problem with SL, and, as I said, if i notice that my avi freeze, which is the start of the logout, I then TP, and I can move again and can use SL normally for a few minutes until it freezes again. I cant understand how this can be the problem. Nalates Urriah have hinted that it can be the TP problem of SL but It is not the same, I think.
  5. I have to sadly say that my problem of being logged out from SL when on Ethernet but not on Wifi persist after several months. It is soo frustrating, since my router does not show any errors for anyting else. And I still can "save" from being logged out by making a TP when I notice I freeze from movement. Sorry to repeat this, but maybe someone new reads it or someone alreadey in this thread, got some new ideas.
  6. Thank you Nalates. I cant decide if it was a good or bad answer, but it did clear things out. I will stick wiht my problems and not hurry to get a new router. Good to know and thanks again.
  7. Thank you Rolig. I did have the Google DNS server set up buit not for IPV 6. So i did that. Can that maka any difference?
  8. Sigh yes - I know I probably shold get a new router. I cant come up with anyting else to change. But with a very limited budget, I am scared for the possibility that the router is not the problem. And when it does not shows any problem in any other application, it is making me confused. I had obviously not understood Whirlys answer, but thank you for explaining once more. It always helps to understand what is happening. But as I said before here, I CAN use a TP to reset SL again, alas for a few minutes only, obviously meaning I retain connection to SL. Can this be within my router only? Dosent it need some action from SL?
  9. Problems is persisting. I tried today to first log into SL and then connect the ethernet cable from the router. I immediately got stuck from walking, I can still rotate around, but not walk and after a minute or two I get logged out from SL. I have still not got a new router, cause I am not 100% convinced it is caused by the router. It seems likely, but I would like to know for sure. There are no othere problems when the cable iss conencted, as far as I have seen. That is weired to me.
  10. Tapkoinu, interesting. Tell me how your internet is set up. Is the problem similar to mine? It is appering when on ethernet on router - NOT when on wifi on the same router. If I disconnect the router and run SL directly from internet, it is at least a bit more persistant, I have been logged out there also, but not been able to verify if it is caused by the same reason.
  11. Ah yes, Second Life Server it says. Sorry! But is this a problem or is it good? I do not understand really,
  12. Thank you Nalates When on ethernet from my router I cannot stay online more than one-two minutes before getting logged out. - unless I do not TP, as i talked about earlier. About> help shows me at .agni.lindenlab.com (if this is what i was to look for) - and i seem to get logged from everywhere. But it sure sounds similar. I still wait for the ISP to fix a struggeling network, hten I will consider getting a new router. I am only baffeled that the TP saves me from crashing. At the moment, I give it 75% chance it is the router - too vague to just go buy another. I will try to keep looking at that thread you sent me, though. It is insteresting. Thank you Again Nalates! I appreciate all help.
  13. I have still not solved it, Been stuggeling with a very unwilling ISP support for long time. For myself I have tested and tested. I still have an extremely low upload speed for HTTP, but not for Websocket. And since i understand Second Life (and some other applications) does use HTTP, I need to get this fixed first before I can go buy a new router. Problem is that upload is the same low wheter the router is connected or not. And i need to say that I have used the word "crash" incorrect. I am getting logged out from SL. I am very sorry, But i get the logged out message. I think the low upload does things to SL so it cannot sync wiht the high download in some way. (But im only guessing....) I will make more efforts to clear this low upload speed out as soon as possible.
  14. Thank you Nalates I have a very bad Karma now. I have been in touch with so many support caused by different problems that I cant remeber it all, but basically I have been in touch wiht ISP and they have checked - nothing wrong. LL has closed the issue, I got no reply. Netgear told me i was one month too late, or they could have exchanged my router (you see what I mean....). I think - like most here - that it is my router. But I am very confused since I can avoid being logged out (see for the first time I did not write "crash") by making a TP. I cannot afford buy a new router by chance. And i have no other router to try either. So I guess I have to deal with it for some more time.
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