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  1. So I can see my invoices for stuff I bought but can not see any of the transactions for direct payments I have made to people. I suspect someone is accessing my account and I can't tell where the money is going. Does anyone know where the whole money history for my account is including payments to other residents history. Thanks you.
  2. Hi there. What can I do about land owner who rented me a stall then ejected me and won't refund my 300L. He has stolen it from me so what can I do about that. He won't respond and he won't pay it back either. For all I know he has either taken it down or defaced it. Anyone know how I can report it to linden labs.
  3. I just opened a new club to promote my new company. If anyone wants to come to the big opening you are all welcome. We got DJ's, hosts, cinema, gift box with freebies from the sponsors, and contest board going off every hour. It's all on this Saturday 2nd March between 12-4pm SLT. Everyone welcome. SHould be cool. It's all new. Open to everyone. Theme: Travelling. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Calm Beach/207/51/23
  4. I run a cool beach club, has wild life ,cinema,pool,beach and lots of animated prims, small but very nice, easy to get a good look around and music playing all the time. I decorated the place so obvious I like it but I am bias but there it is Daytona Nights Club at calm Beach. Dance floor has the best view of the beach and waterways and island background. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Calm Beach/172/72/23
  5. Thank you - that's why I thought- Didn't receive a invite to the group however I am already in a group which works there so I am not sure why it's not working. I assume I have to wear the group tag to add to the kiosk.
  6. I have rented a kiosk out. Do you think I can figure out how to use it? I tried rezzing objects on it. I am guessing I have to add them as a poster? No Idea. Can someone help. Like it should not be that hard. Thank you.
  7. Natalia Genna

    Aditi Support

    HI. I have an aditi account to try on models. I can log in just fine but it tells me I have to get verified to upload mesh. Then when I click on the link, it's dead. http://secondlife.aditi.lindenlab.com/my/account/mesh.php. Any suggestions? I would contact Linden labs first but generally they seem to not be able to work any issues out for me, not even ones they are in charge of, so here I am.
  8. Thank you. I suspected it was something like that because it maintains shape and the scale I know is a problem. Thank you. I am more confident to fix it now that I know it is the bones and scale. I will look up the values or just play around with them myself. Thanks again.
  9. Has anyone seen this before? I am using the classic skeleton rig from the wiki library. It's not avastar. for some reason some of the mesh collapses like the weights didn't transfer. I have am using Blender 2.7. It seems to attach itself and wear ok on the front limbs and that's it plus it's a long way away from or away from the model. Everything works well in blender until I export. I have read about the change in the bones. Don't really know if that effects the export and upload but if anyone could give me a clue as to why is collapses once I apply rigging and weighting I would appreciate it. A bit of a novice at SL and the SL rigging but it should work unless the collada file doesn't export all of the weights. Not sure. Please help. I have attached some pics. There is one showing before and after the weights have been applied. The model is there just for reference.
  10. SL is not going to grow much the way it is at the moment. Unfortunately, it attracts people who want to keep it exclusive or for themselves. Does not work to attract new users as it is.
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