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  1. Try again buddy. Is what I said true? You haven't got a clue! That's the problem with people like you. You don't think much about things. Plus time has nothing to do with the truth. Or how long any avatar has been here. A dumbass is a dumbass regardless of time. Think about that. While you figure out that I know more than that ***** no matter how long ago it was posted or how young my avatar is.
  2. Very funny. Only someone who hasn't been here long enough and doesn't know much would believe I have only been here for two weeks based on the fact everything I said is correct. Plus, it's longer than two weeks. Try 10 years. Don't ask. Work it out. And look it up.
  3. You can fully own your own home. You need to buy land and develop (buy a house, furniture, etc and sitck on it) it and it will be yours permanently. Have a look around. Some land develops in here have paid out over $50,000 REAL Money in actual commissions. That's just one company. And they are still growing. Bonus here. You can own multiple homes very easily. Learn to make money in here if that's what you're after. Like I said. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Linden Labs does not get involved in people's business unless it's their fault. You need to check your figures better. You are just plain wrong. Linden Labs do not cover inworld business disputes ... unless it's their fault... Getting the message? Your loss.
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