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  1. NatKatt

    Need help

    on the 5th it did now it has changed to some other message....but I just tried again and it's working for FOR NOW lol
  2. NatKatt

    Need help

    I don't think it's anything to do with what you are doing on your side. From what I've been told is that there is random unscheduled maintenance going on. I myself have had the same issue since the 5th.
  3. NatKatt

    i cant log in

    Having the same issue. I'm not sure why because I saw that there was some maintenance to be done the 13th-16th.
  4. I just tried again and mine still says that it can't connect to Flickr. Maybe I'll try another view because the password part is correct.
  5. Having the same issue since yesterday so I don't think it's your computer.
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