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  1. xoposionxo

    Need help

    thank you so much hun, im gonna read this now means alot ❤️
  2. xoposionxo

    Need help

    Does yours say the same as what mine does like. honesly means alot thank you. its just with it saying what it does i got confused and didnt understand as my internets okay with eveything else. if u could comment when urs is all good that woud mean alot x
  3. xoposionxo

    Need help

    So im just wondering if anyone could help me with this issue i have had for a while. Everytime i log into secondlife i get this message " you have been logged out of secondlife This region may be experiencing trouble. Please check your connection to the internet." it lets me log in and i can be on for a few mintues but then it comes up with that message. i tried making a new account up to see if it stopped it and it didnt work it still did it. I tried logging in on another pc and still didnt work. it cant be anything to do with my connection because it is fine with everything else ( gta and wo
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