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  1. Hi guys, switching with lelutka heads and trying lot of skins I noticed that very often the top eyelashes on the face are not defined and clear like at bottom, also after zoom with Ctrl+0 . Can it depends from the shape or maybe graphic settings??
  2. thanks for reply. so do u mean it changed for everyone? until two three days ago i had it well, btw solved, thanks again !
  3. Hi everybody, i have a small problem with phototools, i'm a beginner, sorry ! I noticed that in the windlight section, exactly above the quick presets, i no longer see the yellow bar to play with the lighting... maybe i touched something wrong, i don't know. can anyone help me to restore? thanks !
  4. Hi guys, i would like to take a look at some shops that have this style of men's clothing, but unfortunately i don't know any. any suggestions?? thanks you!
  5. I'm looking for similar products style by Izzie's, to try something that characterizes more my male skins. Does anyone know any other store specializing in this type of detail?? Thanks
  6. Can someone help me to solve an old doubt? Before putting the shape that is generally found in skin of good quality, do you have to start with the default one in the head anyway? ( Default Skyler Shape, for example ) Or by immediately inserting the shape of the skin you get the same result? Thanks all
  7. Hi guys, need some advice to create combo with a Lelutka Evo head. I'm looking for mature face, not too "clean" and with good level of details. I would want to use Skyler or Alain. But which store to find that kind of skin? Thanks!
  8. Hi guys, does anyone know any store where to buy male/unisex mesh earrings ( simple circular shape ) for lobe? thanks all!
  9. ok, i didn't have the redelivery for my body applier. now i have and it works with bom. but for the skin...in the box of mine there's only applier, not tattoo layer. at the mainstore of not found i see that only few skins are bom compatible...mine seems not🙃
  10. Ok! I only had a doubt about the first step. Basically i just had to add my skin as a layer and not applier from the beginning? My skin seems have only applier btw. However i made an attempt, but i had the classic red avi problem. I had a single alpha active ( Catwa Full Avatasr ) and i had removed it at the beginning of the procedure, later i found the box of Catwa Victor for BoM and used it. I did each step but nothing, it doesn't seem to work and i see red. I use a legacy body and not signature anyway, but i found the button in the body menu and i think i did it corr
  11. thank you very much, yes it's how u explain, indeed i'm thinking about bom btw, i wear not found skin and body applier, it should be compatible with bom. a body tattoo, has layer and applier, i hadn't issues with it facial hair has only applier the face tattoo of this thread, it has only applier and hairbase comes with layer and applier too
  12. ok, i am sure i did everything right, but i can visualize everything correctly, but there is a missing part...the piece that combinese hairbase with facial hair. this is visibile only if i follow the steps indicated without hairbases applicated. you said that catwa head has only two laters...so there aren't enough layers for everything? sorry for the confusion skell
  13. Thank you Skell, two things: - i didn't understand how to "save facial hair" and exactly in which section... - what do u mean with " apply the facial hair directly from the HUD "
  14. Hello everyone, i don't know if i'm wrong something It's impossible to match them correctly. In practice i can fully view my face tattoo ( face/neck ) only if the facial hair is not worn. If i try to have them both together, the tattoo is ruined, only some parts of it are seen and for example a writing is halved and goes over the eyebrow. I use omega, where i select lower layers for hairbase and beard
  15. when monique.beebe takes a pic of me while i think too much
  16. Hello all, i have this problem during my demo tests: testing some combinations, for example Clef skin and Jake Belleza body, when i wear the shape found inside the skin to get the exact look of the photo.....the hands and arms are visibly deformed, although the face is perfectly same as it should be. Instead, if i replace the shape included in the skin with the original one of Jake's body, the oppiste happens, the body turns out to be proportionate but clearly the face does not have the exact traits of the skin i want. ( obviously i always try with the recommended head ) Does it happ
  17. hi guys! i have this problem: i purchased body applier and head applieri from Not Found, obviously of the same tone, but at the neck there is something wrong. i think it happens with the legacy body, however, with Signature i didn't notice anything strange. is there anything in the legacy hud to solve or something else? Thank you
  18. Hi, i apologize if the question turns out to be stupid but i have a long doubt: then, i buy a shape suitable for my head and body, suppose daniel/gianni. in the catwa daniel box there are shapes, for example "Catwa Bento Gianni start your shape with me". I would like to know if this must be selected and added before replacing it with the purchased shape or if it's a useless step and the final result would be the same. My question arises because i noticed that Catwa Bento Gianni, as a shape, changes the initial appearance of the head and therefore i wondererd if the purchased shape w
  19. Any advice on some blog where to find photos and indications on men's looks, in particular head/skin and clothing? i need inspiration for a nice new mix
  20. Would any style expert know how to recognize the hair in this photo? the hairbase and beard package is Volkstone but i'm looking for a hair style like that...! thank you guys
  21. Hi guys, can anyone suggest me some shops where to find good tattoos that work well on Legacy body too? I know that Omega cannot be used. Thanks all!
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