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  1. My after reading all these I find most interesting the different viewpoints and experiences Seems I have been missing out ,,,,,?
  2. Orwar, thank you for explaining more about a daddy dom /sub , I am not at all a silly little girl type, I am a lady, as you can see if you look at my picture I am not a child oh my seeking perhaps what I do not know ,,,, yes I am a classy lady with the earnest need to be cared about and also to care of someone with tender affections I am not sure where I fit in, perhaps I am a hopeless romantic at heart. Willing to please the right man, meaning to make him happy and yet be happy myself. I do love a gentleman, one that treats his lady well, and in return I would ado
  3. Seems a kind forums member has just let me know what I am really seeking ,,, a Daddy Dom relationship I had not thought of that , so I thank you Drake1Nightfire yes, I do want a caring, loving, and protecting relationship without the harshness in normal d/s relationships
  4. Drake, I Think you just gave me the very description of what I seek, thank you
  5. Dreamerra, thank you for your words, what you describe is exactly what I am looking for . Again thank you
  6. hello to all regardless of what you may have written, I take all replies in a good way not ( I hope not ) to be cruel. ok what I am looking for is a Dom/sub relationship that I call vanilla meaning ,,,,,,,,,, the Dom cares for his submissive, treats her with respect and shows tenderness I am all for wearing a collar with such a man, and being his sub, if treated with love. Never made to wear those horrible latex garments I have seen on some subs Being I think the man should be in charge, I think of myself more submissive than dominate . Please allow me to express myself
  7. Are there any true vanilla dom/sub relationships in SL. Where there is tenderness, caring, not all control and being dominated? I would love to know if this exists . Plus, no crude bondage items . Suppose it may be unreal to even think this exist.
  8. I found out 9 to 10 hrs apart ( time zones) made it very difficult on the relationship. So, I won't try that again, I think 5 hrs could work. Depends on the RL hours one has to work or can be free to be in world. Just my experience .
  9. I am a RL lady that has always been a lady in SL, would not know how to act as a man, how they think if beyond me. And, I would not want to date someone that was not a man in RL Would blow my mind I think, but to each his or her own. Todays world ( speaking of the real world) has gone in my opinion crazy. Oh, but I am just a normal lady I suppose so why am I in SL I do at times wonder ?
  10. what ? I don't want a girl avi ,,, I am a woman, not seeking a woman but a man ,,, what makes you say such? do my words not come out clearly ? Now get real ok, not here to cause any problems, I think these are so mixed up one makes a reply then gets hit with way out replies ,, excuse me I won't say more,
  11. excuse me Quinn. is it gay to like men being I am a woman in RL and use a woman avi in SL ? What about that sounds gay ? When in SL I never look at the female avis I am seeking a nice man to be friends with, not understanding your words, ? Enjoy SL ,,,, I really seem to say the wrong things on these forums
  12. I am sorry I offended you in anyway, after reading your reply I regret posting what I did, if I knew how I would remove it totally, believe me I do not judge you or anyone in how you live your SL, or RL, that is not for me to judge. Am sorry
  13. I don't understand why you chose to be a female avi if you are a man in RL, As a woman in RL I just don't get it, are you bisexual ? We are looking for opposite things I want a man avi that has a RL man inside . But, to each his or her own this is a virtual world. Good luck.
  14. I would love to find 50s and 60s clothing made for my mesh bodies ( I have the top 3 brands) then I could fit into a 50s theme RP. Or just enjoy dressing like Monroe. ?
  15. hello, am all new to RP, unless you call SL entirely a role play system. I don't as I have had relationships that were real in my heart. After being hurt too many times I thought being in a nice RP family would be something I could enjoy and not end up hurt. I have an all mesh body ( well I have 3 different mesh bodies to use if needed) have my bento Catya head ( telling all this to let you know I have many looks I can use. I am a warm caring lady so I would not be happy in a RP family that were crude . I would even consider being in a clan. This would be all new to me,
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