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  1. A year past the op, and I can announce with pride that it's the mesh-heads I still laugh at. They, to me, are just fish-lipped samey-clones. I've always found them coarse and ugly, made as they are by "creators" with no grasp of what constitutes human beauty. IMHO, a system head and traditional skin (very important) are the only ways to retain individuality in SL.
  2. Checked it out - place has a Vampire air about it...
  3. oh, thanks for the suggestion Fionalein - if they're still supporting the 32-bit Linuxes, I do actually have a dual-boot system (though I haven't accessed my old Linux Mint Cinnamon in a couple of years...) Seems that decision time is imminent.
  4. 13,235 after several purges. It's a job keeping it under 12,000 - but worth the effort. Perhaps a lost cause now, no thanks to the many wonderful freebies and dollarbies proliferating on MP...
  5. I rezzed in January 2012, when the world and its avis were still beautiful. There's still some beauty, but the wastelands of Sansara and the advent of Mesh Heads have increased the ugliness greatly... Though well past the golden age, I'll stay till they obsolete my viewer - the last that will work in XP. SL almost destroyed my RL (and I mean that as a sort of compliment, that a virtual reality could nearly supplant what to that point I had called 'life')...
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