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  1. Hi, I am a premium member and i wanted to have a land on mainland. Can anyone please let me know if I can have a sky platform on main land or does it allow only to have home on the ground? thank you so much
  2. Wants to buy 1024 sqm protected/abandoned/convenant land ! Should have flat structure. beach or LL road side is preferred.
  3. About us: After many years Roleplaying in Second Life, and changing houses and communities with so many rules that didn't make any sense and so much drama, we decided to start a Community were we could all have a Roleplay experience as real as possible. (If you feel you need a hundred rules in order to live your daily life and admins behaving like gods around, then Les Eclaireurs Coast is probably not for you) We want you to be part of this, you have a word in this Community and we really want to hear it. At Les Eclaireurs Coast we have activities going all the time, like concerts, surf, ska
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