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  1. If it is stuff i do not want to split up, I put them in a separate one that I call "outfits"
  2. I know you posted pics... I saw it after i scrolled back... lol.. coffee had not yet been had, but i do have it now... lolol ;D
  3. Oh, I missed the part about you having added pics for everything to your system, too... excellent You know how much that'll work in your favor, if you decide to move over to wardrobe??!? It's a HUGE plus to have that done in advance! Saves loads of time... well, for me it would at least, but the thing with wardrobe is that everyone does it their own way, and no way is wrong. Whatever works for one person might be a nightmare to someone else, so it is easy to do it in a way YOU want. It's really epic that you have put so much effort into doing a personal thing like it... just shows you a
  4. I am completely addicted to I am not biased in the same way, but I'll say this: I would not be able to dress myself without the wardrobe at this point. I have almost 120.000 items in my inventory, and it would be a nightmare to find anything, even if I used folders and subdirectories and what not (I do that too, but who remembers what everything looks like in a ton of folders unless you put each item on on a regular basis, if you do not have a visual aspect to it?) I STRONGLY recommend using CTS Wardrobe, or at least some kind of visual thing like it
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