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  1. If you are looking for a protected (by owner) waterway rental, please come check out The Estates at Rond. I have 9 parcels for rent, all with water on at least one side with protected access to sailable seas. Each of our island rentals have the following characteristics: Moderate Rated Land Residential Use Only Sky-boxes Allowed Above 1000M CURRENT PROMOTION: Pay for 4 weeks up front and get the 5th week free! Parcel Name SQM Prims Weekly Rent ER1 3136 975 L$800 ER2 3136 975 L$800 ER3 2676 920 L$760 ER4 3136 975 L$800 ER5 3136 975 L$800 ER6 3136 975 L$800 ER7 3136 975 L$800 ER8 3136 975 L$800 ER9 4352 1370 L$1085 Here is a full listing of what is available. https://www.casperpanel.com/rentals/VXqoZ6K1OBiNDAAg/available SLURL to our Rental Office http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rond/80/234/29 If you have any questions please reach-out to Jeffery Deuter (Xindi70)
  2. Did you ever find a resolution to this issue? I bought this condo for the land I am developing. It is stunning and beautiful and so well designed. The creator of the product went out of business and the control system you speak of was tied to a backend server. when they shut the server down, all the control systems for almost everything they made went offline. I wish I'd known this before buying. I would have never purchased. How can the company A.E. Worx still be listed in the Marketplace? Anyway, if your landlord ever made any progress please let me know, I'd love to get this building working again!
  3. yeah...same region but far from each other. Thanks for trying to help!
  4. Hard to drag a box around non-adjacent parcels...
  5. beethros Karas you mentioned being able to merge non-adjacent parcels within the same region. How do you go about doing this?
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