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  1. I know of one of the gambling sims that reneged on a tournament “prize” a player won because the player hadn’t tipped enough.
  2. Whirly’s answer mirrors my experiences and explains the “unbanning” of alts I’ve observed after about a day.
  3. I was once told by someone that even after they blocked someone, they still got some sort of indication that the blocked person had sent an IM (which then causes a desire to see what was written, and essentially undo the block). At the time, I believe I found an answer on these forums (some setting in preferences?). Now, I’ve had someone tell me the same thing again, but I can’t find the earlier Q&A. Is there a setting somewhere that makes sure there is no indication whatsoever that a blocked avatar IM’d you? I’m assuming that is the default, but the person acciden
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