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  1. Oh wow, that was it! Ha ha, thank you. Yep, I got the mask bit wrong but that was definitely it. Looks like my old boss
  2. No, it was for an ad for a product...possibly insurance? Or maybe even a snack? It was one of the funniest and creepiest things I've ever seen.
  3. I know this is off topic but if anyone in the US can help me...around 2015- 2016? (sorry I can't remember), there was a US advert which starts off with a teacher teaching a classroom...he turns to the blackboard and then spins around to face the class with a papier mache facemask and a beard. Does anyone know what this was for?
  4. Have you ever witnessed a DJ, host(ess), musician, auctioneer or simowner freak out and get angry over lack of tips, or a 'too small' tip?
  5. BTW, I was advised not to put the club name or the thread might get pulled. I was more interested in people's opinions than in advertising the place.
  6. No, I'm still here. Just reading all the interesting replies.
  7. There is a club on SL so exclusive that you have to pay 1,000L to enter an assessment sim, where your avatar will be screened and either accepted or ejected. If accepted, you pay another 10,000L and are given access to the actual club sim. I was wondering, does anyone know the place I'm talking about, and did you ever get in?
  8. So, I know a lot of people dislike system AVs. I'm not in that camp, but I really wanted to ask people here what they think of the pic below. Do you think it looks out of date? Bad compared to mesh? Would it pass in SL 2019, in terms of getting a club job, meeting people without judgement, etc? Would appreciate any opinions.
  9. Thanks for advice. I am using a HP laptop that I bought in 2010. I have reduced settings as advised, which managed to get my rate up to 20-28 fps in an empty sea area, but back down to 5-13 in a busy sim...
  10. Is 4.0fps Is this bad? Really struggling to move around.
  11. Still trying to figure out what can and can't be done here. If I stretch a square prim across an entire region at 4,000m height and make it a bit transparent and full-bright red, will the region have a permanent red sky and a red glow on all objects?
  12. Hi, I want to see one of these houseboats inworld before I consider going Premium. Can anyone tell me if there's a sim I can go to, to check out the houseboats' exteriors and interiors? Thanks in advance.
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