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  1. Test your PC https://www.userbenchmark.com/Software free test can show if your hardware is underperforming as it compares your performance results to their database and helped me find the problem on a pc 1800 miles away.. results showed the cpu was underperforming at 32% as it needed new fan on cpu cooler it was full of dust
  2. Sl will never be less demanding on your pc . Everything will progressively became more demanding on your hardware . Just like every new version of windows . I think it is sad that alot of people are complaining about a free game that their outdated hardware wont play.
  3. IMO if you bought the best gaming pc. 3 years ago, for example I7-7700k with 16gigs of ram DDR4 3200mhz and nvidia geforce gtx1080 8gig. You wont run ultra settings in 1080p with 128m draw distance and still maintain over 30fps without tinkering with reducing settings draw on dropping to high and reducing draw from there. SL is a totally Different animal to build an optimal PC for .. I Obsessively am testing cpu/gpu combinations AMD Ryzen vs Intel cpu and graphics AMD Radeon vs Nvidia Geforce cards i have everything gtx from a gtx570, gtx960,4gb, gtx1050ti, gtx1060 6gb, gtx1080 8gb, and 2x gtx1080ti 11gb, .. then on AMD rx580 8gb, vega 56, vega64, i have 5 different desktop platforms i7-3770 i7-7700k overclocked 4.8ghz not delidded, i9-9900k overclocked 5.1ghz 8cores/16 threads.. AMD Ryzen R5 2400g and AMD Ryzen R7 1800X . I have tested everything mixed and matched cpu/ gpu. Optimised ram timings ..overclocks coolers air and water, cinebench Etc Etc as well as streaming to Twitch while recording on OBS, everything tested at 1080p and 4k uhd in secondlife and sansar in VR oculus Rift and desktop... ext. there are so many variations but my conclusion (my opinion) gtx1060 6gb or Rx480 8gb minimum spec., 16 gigs of ram, not hdd storage, bty (stop deleting your cache it’s there for a reason)., cpu- intel quad core i5 or i7 with 4 fast cores over 4ghz., secondlife doesnt use more than 2 cores . Every instance of firestorm you log into uses about 4.1gigs or ram. So 8x Alt accounts = 32gb ram needed. if you are overwhelmed by lag . Check your task manager, click on performance.. you can see in realtime what is using your pc resources and see what can be upgraded... nvidia has new graphics drivers every 2weeks. Did you switch from a nvidia graphics card to amd? Or vise versa? U have to use a free program DDU (display driver uninstaller) the drivers will conflict and lower performance. I have been typing this at work on my phone. Rambling. i hope I helped someone somehow if you have a question about upgrading or need help. email me tiashaw.sl@gmail.com.i help people for for free and i never sell anything. Fact. I gave away 2x gaming pc’s in the last year. To friends i made in sl . In oregon and in california.. my RL certifications CompTia A+ Plus (pre2000) also MCSE (microsoft certified solutions expert)
  4. 4gb graphics Vram is barely enough even at 720p... 32gb ram only helps IF you log multiple accounts at the same time. 4.2gb per instance of firestorm. I have tested probably more than i have actually just ran around and explored.a Gtx1060 6gb is the bare minimum i would suggest to anyone. For 1080p for a good result. Just my opinion. I bought and tested everything in graphics from gtx 570 up to my twin gtx1080ti’s (2nd card is dedicated stream encoder) with a intel I9-9900k locked at 5ghz. I have spent alot of money in the wrong places. Sl doesnt care if you have more than 4cores but the faster the better.
  5. Gtx 960 is a 2gb card some were made as 4gb vram by asus turbo model
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