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  1. Hello im KillaVixen. Im still looking for that special someone in SL. I just got a new amazing home with my Enchanted Breedable KittyCatS. I do believe in go big on your home ..lol (Like go big or go home) Im funny and enjoy hanging out ,meeting new people. Im very loyal to my mate and friends. Im a crazy lovin Latina Music ,Music ,Music.. love all kinds. R&B ,Hip Hop are my personal favorites. I believe in relationships we share friendships with our partners.. My friends are willing to accept my partner. You should want the same right? If you are just seeking friendship please IM ME I love to have friends to go clubbing with share clothes (After we get to know each other awhile. (NO BEGGERS. HAD THAT EXSPERIENCE ALREADY) Im very kind but i know diffrence between kindness and being taken advantage of . Lets be fair and Friendly . Im older then 30 and younger then 50 LOL, I think its rude to ask my age..lol. Well peeps cant think of much else to say...You can call me Killa for short .. lets party and hang out!
  2. I am Killa and live in USA.. love vampires ,Goth and to have fun..Iam also Latina and would love to make friends
  3. Hello I semi-new in SL and would love someone to share my in world exspriences with .. Please message me if interested
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