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  1. fyi this was my first time asking for a creators help in making stuff so how should i know the price ranges but thanks for letting me know
  2. hi there i have 500 linden at the moment and i am hoping to find a nice clothing creator who is willing to take that and create for me a new set of custom clothing its a uniform along with boots i have it in classic av style clothing but id like there to be an upgraded version of it more like basically make a new one there is a combination of 2 outfits id like you to make into one outfit thank you for your time ^ -^ please write to me asap id love to get this done asap
  3. hi there sorry to go off topic here but im looking for someone to help with a custom outfit for myself would any of you happen to be able to create outfits in mesh or as close to good quality as possible? i have 2 different outfits i know that i want to use some bits from just looking for a nice creator to assist me thanks !
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